Non Summery Summer Outfits

How’s the weather where you are? Here is kind of weird. Are we officially in Summer yet? Because it’s only warm one day a week in this city. With very breezy morning which revoked my shorts wearing option.

So I’ve been super overwhelmed with my Summer wardrobe planning. There are so many cute dresses out there that I want to buy. Which I also did but ended up returning almost all of them (I kept one, I posted a photo of me wearing it already).

I’ve been saving a lot of French girls outfit photos on Instagram in the hope of to be able to dress like them. But whoamIkidding, I’m not French. Nor do I wear clothes like that. I mean, I can forego wearing bra like all of them are but some outfits are just not practical.

So I stripped all nonsense and somewhat came up with a rule of dressing to myself. I’ll only wear black. And restrict myself with only wearing black t-shirt + black jeans combo. Which means, I have been dressing like this lately.



Very colorful indeed.

So far I feel pretty good about this. I mean I still think about clothes, but no longer what to buy. Also getting dressed has been pretty easy. But now I think more about makeup hahaha.

I’m not sure how long I would like to do this all black ensemble, is this an experiment? Or lifestyle choice? I still have to decide on that.

This also means I’m going to refrain from posting my outfits because I wear the exact same thing everyday. On good days, I even wear the exact same t-shirt two days in a row (if my pits aren’t that sweaty hahaha). So no need to update on boring stuff rightttt.

Spring Outfit 12


Who’s this girl????

I feel like a different person in this dress. In a good way. I walk different, I talk different, and I sit different. I read a piece on when Leandra Medine wrote clothes are like tattoos. To quote her;

I called clothes “temporary tattoos” because they let me say whatever I wanted without words, then take those comments back. “No decision is irrevocable,” I would preach. I marveled in the opportunity to be anyone I wanted to be whenever I wanted to be her. -Leandra Medine

And today I want to say that I’m a woman who lives in St. Tropez with her husband and her twins. I bet women there don’t dress like me hahahaha.

The two last buttons were left unbuttoned to show a little bit of skin when I’m walking. This way, I feel like I’m walking on a red carpet all day every day.

By the way, I spent the whole elevator ride today to remember when I bought these shoes. Was it 2013? Or 2014? I still can’t remember! But I bought them when I was sooo into watching chriiissstttine on YouTube. She has/had a pair from Steve Madden I believe. So one birthday I treated myself with a pair of these and they’ve stayed with me ever since! Still very comfortable.

Outfit details:
– Zara dress
– Sacha shoes

My Current Cleansers Rotation


For some reason, I always always always have a lot of different facial cleansers in my arsenal. I don’t know how and I don’t know why. Maybe when I’m not looking they just decided to proliferate or something. I swear I didn’t plan on having this many! Ideally one is enough ya know. Currently I have…

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

My favorite out of the four that I currently have. It’s very gentle, doesn’t sting my eyes, doesn’t leave a film after I wash it off, and just very very very pleasant to use. The scent is also very easy on my nose. I’m on my 2nd and 3rd bottle. One in the shower and one one the sink and both are halfway gone. Not sure if I’m going to rebuy anytime soon though since there’s no easy way to get it here in Holland but if I had the chance, I will.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap

I have a massive bottle of this in the shower right now. Also halfway done and I’m considering using it as a body wash instead hahaha. This is not saying I don’t like it, it’s just so bland. It works for post cleansing oil/balm or AM facial wash but yea… nothing spectacular. No scent, no frills. Idk why I bought the big bottle, value pack always excites me.

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright, Light Cleansing Oil

For a while I didn’t have any kind of cleansing oil/balm. My last one was probably Clinique Take the Day off or The Body Shop Chamomile cleansing oil. And I quite miss having something slippy to take my make up off. There really no good reason why I chose The Face Shop, it’s just come to my attention by beauty bloggers so I decided to give it a whirl. And the verdict is, I don’t like it. Don’t think it removes my makeup enough, it stings my eyes, and the texture is quite dry for a cleansing oil. Don’t ask me how an oil can be dry because I have no clue. All I know is I don’t like it. But I’ll use it up anyway. Maybe as body wash? Hahahahaha.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

This one is a travel size bottle. Do we count this as one or half? I bought Cetaphil in the travel size due to two reasons, one I want to try it but kinda know that I will like the Glossier version better and two is to reuse the bottle to fill with Milky Jelly cleanser once I empty it out. So far, I have only used it three times. Once to try and the last two is when I travel. Everything but the smell is similar to Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser. So if I had to choose, I’d go for Milky Jelly. Oh also this one stings my eyes. Not sure if I have overly sensitive eyes because everything seems to sting my eyes. But I once slept with contacts on and was fine the next day. So I’m guessing don’t blame my eyes.

Maybelline Dream Cushion


Don’t tell me that I’m 1000 years behind for talking about a cushion foundation on this blog. I just finally gave into the hype y’all. It was on sale and I was on the market for new foundation/tinted moisturizer that I can use daily. Not gonna lie, it was an unplanned purchase but it was somewhat on the horizon.

The coverage is beautiful for daily wear. To me it hits the soft spot of evening out my skin without looking like I’m wearing too much makeup. Application wise, I just dunked my beauty blender and dab dab dab dab dab. The puff is completely usable too, I just don’t want to dirty the compact. So I opted for a separate sponge instead.


For my normal skin, I can not set it with powder and I prefer to go that way. At this moment I don’t have a good setting powder that doesn’t make my face look like I’m wearing a truck of makeup. So I just go sans powder. One step less to do. But I have read that some people prefer to set it to make the foundation lasts longer.

I wear the shade 30 sand and it does a great job of brightening my face without making it look ashy.

The cushion retails for €15.99 (but I got mine for €8.00).