January Buy


2018 started off pretty good. The amount of money spent in this month is significantly low than last month. Also in the beginning until mid month I spent very little time on online window shopping. Deo and I are binge watching GoT so there’s no time to even use my laptop at home after work. And reading has also been my opted activity to spend my time instead of being glued to my laptop/phone.

Like I mentioned in my last post that I set a budget for this year’s shopping spree. And out of that budget, I spent €30 for a boucle blazer from Zara. It’s one of those Chanel look a like. I have always wanted one. Especially after watching so many videos of Winnie Y on YouTube (if you haven’t seen her vlogs, go watch them if you fancy). But there’s no budget for a Chanel one. Also I don’t think I would want to spend the money for a Chanel blazer/jacket. My true love is more for luxury handbags than clothes or even other accessories.

I bought the blazer on 11th of January and so far have worn it for 5 times (I logged every piece of clothing item I wore in January). I might do a post about how I log what I wore every single day in January and also share my learnings. Because I purged some clothes out of my system due to finally learning how each item made me feel.

I hope this low buy can keep going throughout 2018.

Leftover budget: €2970

Updated Spending Fast for 2018

After coming out with the fact that I failed my spending fast, I received very kind comments on how to revamp the challenge in order to success. Thank you guys for commenting, your comments mean so much to me.

Lol new year new me and since I failed my last challenge, new year new challenge.

So after much deliberating whether or not to challenge myself again in public (because if I fail again it would be so embarrassing you know), I decided to do it again.

Another spending fast.

With updated rules, because going cold turkey just made my inner teenage self rebel against the rules.

But first, what I learned from my previous challenge are…

Don’t start before the sale season

Some people say that don’t buy during the sale season because you tend to purchase something that you don’t truly need. But for me, I mostly shop during the sale season. And the reason is because the items that I want to buy are ridiculously overpriced if I were to pay in full. But when they are reduced by 40%, they become fair-priced for what they are. Like for example, I bought both of my Isabel Marant Etoile boots during the sale season (deBijenkorf do twice a year) and they both are amazing purchases. I love them both to bits and they got worn a lot.

Going cold turkey doesn’t work for me

Since I’m a very difficult person, if I were told that I can’t do something, I will make it my mission to actually do it to perfection. So here we are, a pair of boots, a dress, and a pair of airPods later.

I do a lot of window shopping

When I said a lot, I mean a lot. So first order of business is to delete all store apps on my mobile phone. I always check online consignment stores waiting for a good deal for a handbag that I want. But dude, a lot of my time spent just stalking those websites. Enough is enough. I’m trying to swap the urge to window shop by reading. So I have been toting my Kindle wherever I go (even at home).

I guess it’s pointless to do spending fast without knowing & understanding why I’m doing it in the first place.

I’m doing this because I don’t want to see the things I own and question myself why the heck did I spend money for this

Every item I buy from now on has to stay on a wish list at least for a month. To avoid buyer remorse and ultimately throwing away money. I need to think long an hard before dropping the ca$h on said item. Also be honest to myself that I don’t have anything similar in my possession already. Because even though I want to have a neatly curated closet, I don’t really care that much if my jacket is black instead of dark grey. I also need to understand that although wearing dresses everyday looks so pretty on Donna (from Suits), it doesn’t fit my lifestyle and my own style. I need to get over the idea of wanting to mimic somebody’s style.

I want to set a budget for how much I can spend for shopping and that would be €3000. This amount is very high because I have been trying to save up for a bag. In 2017 I didn’t buy a single bag for the whole year. Instead I sold a few bags from my collection. So a large chunk of that money is going to be directed towards purchasing a new bag.

In 2017 I didn’t purchase that much beauty items so there won’t be any rules on buying makeup or skincare. I have been pretty chill with my makeup purchases. Who would have thought??? I used to fall asleep to a makeup tutorial when I was still studying. And since I’m pretty sure I will be doing my own makeup, I allow myself to buy some stuff that I need. Not hating on Indonesian makeup artists but I really don’t want to get married looking like that. I won’t feel like myself. So I decided to just do my own makeup. I will probably look less ‘done’ than the guests but I don’t want to look at my wedding pictures not liking how I looked.

Re-reading what I have typed so far I feel like it’s so stupid calling it a ‘Spending Fast’ if I know I will be buying stuff. Oh well, whatever it’s called, you know what I mean :P

So I guess that is it for the post, I have spent way too long on typing this. Let’s just hit publish and go about my day.

Image credit: Unsplash

So… I Failed

I haven’t been updating my spending fast here because obviously I failed. And I’m ashamed to admit it.

It didn’t take me that long to drop some cash for frivolous things. I bought a new pair of shoes, a dress for Christmas party at work, and a pair of Apple airpods.

I didn’t even end up paying for our wedding bands because my boyfriend agreed to pay for the rings since he didn’t get me an engagement ring.

So I failed.


I’m not sure what to do at this point actually. Should I restart the challenge? Or should I just call quit. Because apparently going cold turkey on not shopping making me shop even more.

I just want to put it out there here because as much as I hate to admit I failed. I have to put it out there to hold myself accountable.

Spending Fast Update #1

First week of spending fast has passed and it was pretty okay in terms of frivolous shopping. But I did eat out twice and ordered in once. This is due to Deo being on holiday for 9 days. Meaning, I have to cook for myself. The thing is, I don’t mind cooking. Not at all. Unless, it’s for myself. I haven’t been cooking for one for so long and suddenly it felt like it’s too much effort. So even though I still did cook (I made steak 3 times a week), I cooked less than I usually do.

Also something unusual that I had to spend my money on is I had to top up my transportation card since Deo and I went to an outlet village before he left for his holiday. So that’s €20 that I usually don’t spend often. And this week was one of my closest friend’s birthday so I had to chip in for a birthday gift for him.

Buuuut, I still managed to have 2 zero spending days last week! That would be Monday and Saturday. On Monday I just cooked pasta with some leftover sauce and on Saturday my friends bought some supplies which in return, I cooked for them. And a package arrived from Mango which I ordered last week and I immediately decided to return them. I really don’t need long camel coat for now. Do I want it? Yes, yes, and yes. But I probably don’t need it. Also when I took it out of the box I didn’t feel as excited as when I ordered it so back to the store it went.

So yes, that’s how my week in finance, basically. On another note, this is the first time that Deo went on holiday without me, not to mention it’s 9 freaking days! So for the past week I have been watching more tv than I have been in the last 10 years (we just got the tv hooked up to the cable). Also I experienced eating at a sushi restaurant alone (I enjoyed it), the server was so confused when I asked for a table for one.

And last week I finished another audiobook from Aziz Anzari called Modern Romance. Which I ‘bought’ with the free trial credit from Audible a year ago. Last year when I first tried listening to the book I felt like listening to a thesis report but I ended up enjoying it the second time around. I mostly listen when I walk from home to work (about 20 minutes, 40 in total).

That’s a wrap! I’ll report back next week :)