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19 in 2019: September Update

Remember when I used to do this every month? Yeah lol. I guess the next one after this is just gonna be the recap of the year hahahahaha. Okay onto the updates:

1. Celebrate my birthday – ✅ To be honest I don’t really remember what I did. I think I made dinner for >13 people. But yeah other than that, what tf did I do???

2. Return to Copenhagen for our 1st year wedding anniversary – ✅ I documented our trip on the blog already and now writing this makes me want to go back hahaha. I love that city!

3. Print our wedding photos & hang them at home – ??? I still think I can manage this before 2019 ends hahahaha.

4. Buy a new parka – ❌ I don’t think I’m gonna buy a new parka for 2019. I fixed the zipper of my old one and it still works. The parka still keeps me warm and the filling is not yet gone. So I won’t be spending money on a new parka soon.

5. Reach 10K – ??? I realize I didn’t make it clear what this is about. This is about saving 10 grand for the year of 2019. I don’t think I can make it since my mom’s cancer requires a lot of payments and I have to front that for her. It’s fine. I’m not in a financial problem even though I did not make this goal. All is well.

6. Read more than 10 books – ✅ Bruuuuh I read 13 books so far! I upped the goal on my Goodreads account when I felt like I had a great reading streak and of course I hit a rut now hahahahaha. Oh well, still managed my 10 books goal.

7. Go to gym during lunch break 2x a week – ??? Okay let me explain here, I basically did not do this for a few months. But then I have been working out every single day for about a month. So maybe if I do the math, it all can even out? Hahahahaha.

8. Pay someone to do our taxes – ❌ I ended up doing this by myself. It’s fine. I hope I didn’t make a mistake. It’s not like they will catch my mistake, they’re just gonna give me money and then wait for 2 years to ask for it back. Lmao.

9. Buy enough under garments – ✅ My underwear drawer just got a rejig. Bought some in Indonesia since they’re significantly cheaper and fit me better there.

10. No buy makeup – ❌ LOL

11. Visit my family – ✅ I went to Indonesia twice already this year hahahaha. I plan on not going back next year though. I want to travel somewhere else.

12. Organize our apartment – ✅ Deo bought new shelving unit for our kitchen and now everything looks so much neater. Also we removed some of unused items from our living room (like his gigantic PC that he stopped using). Aaaaand I reorganized my vanity and threw out old expired unused makeup items. Checked!

13. No buy shoes – ❌ I already talked about this. Still on one pair count so far. Almost bought a new nude court shoes for work but let’s be honest here, I work in IT where every single human being there wears a combination of sneakers, jeans, and hoodie. Me with my blazer is already wayyyy too neat.

14. No online shopping for clothes – ❌ It’s just cheaper online most of the time ya know. I’m not one to shy away from savings. I have significantly reduced the amount of purchasing & returning cycle though. Which is ultimately what I want to get out of this.

15. Document all recipes I often make – ❌ Most of the time I just wing it when it comes to cooking so good luck documenting that lol. I’m not that organized to have a documented recipe book.

16. Track zero days challenge – ❌ I got too lazy to track this. I lost interest hence it’s a fail.

17. Plank for one minute every day for a month – ??? I still have October, November, and December to try this challenge hahahaha. There’s still hope!

18. Sign up for YNAB non trial version – ❌ I won’t sign up for the paid version because I don’t think it’s worth the money for me. I basically know where my money is going and I track what I need to track on my excel sheet so I don’t really need to give every cent a job. I really like the app though. I just don’t think the method is for me.

19. Do online courses for work – ✅ I did a few online courses! I at least finished React, Redux, and MERN stack courses. I found a very informative guy on YouTube and he has helped soooo much in terms of learning further about web-development.

That’s all folks!!! Time to continue living my life and see what else I can tick as success! Thank you for reading my blog post. I hope you have a great day 🙂