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19 in 2019 Update: February


Once upon a time (2015, I think?), I bought a very plush thick and warm parka from Zara. I love that parka to bits because of the warmth it gives me even during the coldest days here in The Netherlands. The hood is big enough and heavy enough to not get blown up while I bike. The color is black which matches with every single thing I own. The price is not abnormally expensive. I pretty much wore that parka to bits until the zipper broke.

I took it as a sign that maybe it’s time to invest in a new parka from Canada Goose. But… I did the unthinkable… I brought my Zara parka to the tailor to get the zipper replaced. And now it’s functioning like a normal parka and I fell in love all over again. So moral of the story is I ain’t buying a new 1000€ jacket because my 100€ one is still perfect.


Tax season is coming up and I still haven’t registered to get someone to work on my tax return. The only reason why I’m even considering this is because my Dutch is not sufficient for paperworks like this. Buuuut… I have been getting by with the help of my husband to fill my tax returns up until now. Honestly I just want to throw money at the problem but also want to save money haha. I’m still indecisive about this decision.


So far I haven’t bought any makeup nor have I been tempted to buy anything other than HEMA BAE collection. Honestly, I’m only tempted because of the aesthetic and low price. And there is nothing I need in terms of makeup for probably the next 893719831 years. I still have a full pan of NARS blush that I bought in 2012. I’m hoping this is going to be one of the points that isn’t too hard to complete.


This month I went to Indonesia for 6 days. A very short trip due to a very urgent matter. This year we learned that my mom’s cancer came back. She had breast cancer in 2013 and was treated for that in China. And now the cancer is attacking her spine. My trip was more to see her rather than helping registration or whatever. I’m glad I was in the position to just fly at a moment notice to see my family when it’s needed.

Everything is going okay with my mom. We’re happy that she’s now getting the treatment that she needs. In June I will be back to Indonesia for three weeks so I can’t wait to see her and my family again.


This is a fail. Due to shopping in store just gives me headache. And there’s no way you’re finding the best deal without consulting to the internet first. Like last month I was in need to replace my sweaters and I got a very good deal shopping online which I wouldn’t get in store. So yea at this day and age, there’s no point on denying how simple it is to shop online. I just added this point on my 19 of 2019 because I grew tired of returning items every week. So as long as I reduce the amount of ordering online, shopping online can be helpful than cumbersome.