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19 in 2019

  1. Celebrate my birthday
  2. Return to Copenhagen for our 1st year wedding anniversary
  3. Print our wedding photos & hang them at home
  4. Buy a new parka
  5. Reach 10K
  6. Read more than 10 books
  7. Go to gym during lunch break 2x a week
  8. Pay someone to do our taxes
  9. Buy enough under garments
  10. No buy makeup
  11. Visit my family
  12. Organize our apartment
  13. No buy shoes
  14. No online shopping for clothes
  15. Document all recipes I often make
  16. Track zero days challenge
  17. Plank for one minute every day for a month
  18. Sign up for YNAB non trial version
  19. Do online courses for work
(made this list at the end of 2018 on my notebook but never published here)