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Notes on Autumn 2016


РWhy are you so cold? One day it still felt like Summer and then bam you changed 180 degrees. The only thing that keeps me warm is my Zara parka that I bought last year to combat the Winter temperature. Little did I know, it would come in handy when Autumn is starting to act like Winter.

– I officially become a home (apartment) owner. It has been the biggest milestone in my 23 years of existence. Didn’t know that this will happen so soon. The process on buying the apartment was so smooth but now that I have moved in, the organizing part has begun. I still feel like I’m living in a dumpster because the kitchen is still under renovation and soon the bathroom will too. So I have to make a makeshift kitchen in the living room which is not ideal at all. Oh, did I mention that I still don’t have a fridge nor a washing machine?

– Online shopping has been the death of my credit card. And I’m not talking just about clothes or other frivolous things like that, I made those purchases too. But I plan on returning 95% of them since nothing feels fit 100% on me. But I also have been making purchases for a new stove, tiles, a dining table, chairs, et cetera. This home buying thing is a big deal guys.

– Still on the topic of moving, I have been seeing my friends a lot more than usual. I asked them a couple of times to help with the move and they gladly did. Also a friend of mine is having her birthday party soon so another reason to see her and the others. Also there’s something going on now in Eindhoven which is called Eindhoven Glow. It’s a yearly event that lasts for a little bit more than a week. It’s a light festival that spans around 3,5 km around the city. This year is the 11th year they’ve been doing this!

– My boyfriend’s birthday is also coming up and we’re going to Rome to celebrate! I’m quite excited to have a holiday out of the country with him since my last trip was a work trip and it’s been yonks since we escaped The Netherlands. We will be there from the 28th until the 30th of November. I planned to stay in Rome on 29th of November because I want him to wake up on his birthday in Rome! Unfortunately November is the rainiest month of the year in Rome, but since living in Thee Netherlands for 5+ years, rain has got nothing on me!

Work Wardrobe Essentials



Since right now I’m re-assessing the state of my work wardrobe, I’d like to make a post about it to look back if I ever need to remind myself what I need. I work in a very casual environment. During the summer months, a lot of my colleagues came into the office wearing flip flops and nobody gives two hoots about it. We’re not required to implement any kind of dress code at work. But I’d like to present myself in a more polished casual way. If I feel like I look good, I feel more motivated and can be more productive. But still, comfort is the key.

If I have to make a list of five essentials in my work wardrobe, here are the items that I’d pick:

A pair of jeans

4 out of 5 days, I usually spend with wearing a pair of jeans or trousers. So a flattering cut of jeans with a good length is a wardrobe essential for me. Despite spending most of my week days in jeans, it’s extremely hard to find a pair that I’m in love with. Being petite (short) and living in a tall people world doesn’t help. Most of the jeans here has inseam of 32 inches. I’m lucky to find one that is 30 inches. But I find 28 inches look best on me.

Comfortable pair of ankle boots

I play table tennis during my lunch break, so a comfortable pair of shoes is a must. But I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of days of me coming to work in sneakers. So instead, an ankle boots work best for me. I can do a little bit of extra lift with a small heel but not much. For this I find my Isabel Marant Etoile Dicker boots are perfect. Although I’m a little bit nervous by the fact that they’re suede.

Blue shirt

Despite how classic they are, I hate white shirts. Actually, that’s not true, I just hate wearing white. Or maybe I just don’t trust myself in white. Since I have the tendency to spill anything on me. Not that blue will do better if (when) that happens but it’s just like fate when I wear white, I spill.

A warm substantial cardigan

Ask anyone from my office, I’m that person who moans “It’s cold in here!” when it’s 25 degrees outside. Although now after we moved office and we no longer have an air conditioner, it doesn’t happen very often anymore (although since now is currently winter, silly). But I just like having something covering my arms. So for days when I wear t-shirts to work, I have to have my cardigan.

Shift dress

And for days when I fancy wearing dress, I go for a shift dress. I know that it’s not really a form fitting dress but since I feel uncomfortable showing my non-existent curves, I prefer to dress myself in a shift dress instead. The length is the key for me because most dresses I found are too short for my liking. I like my dress to be just a little bit above the knees.