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Best Buy: 2016

2016 has mostly been about finding foundation pieces for my wardrobe. Investing in items that can work coherently together. Also on items that should last through the test of time. Not much beauty items were purchased this year (although one midnight, I had a flop and ordered 11 lipglosses). Hopefully in 2017, I will be able to learn from my purchase history of 2016.

1. Primark utility jacket

I lived in this jacket through summer. It has many pockets that I can utilize when I’m wearing dresses with no pockets. It’s a substantial enough layer for when it’s windy. And my favorite thing about it is the fact that I can button it all the way up to cover my neck. It’s important to me to cover my neck when I’m biking. Although it’s Primark, which is the opposite of buying for quality. But it has been okay so far. And cost per wear is already down to around 15 cents per wear.

2. Isabel Marant Etoile dicker boots

I also have been wearing them a lot since purchasing. They’re very comfortable and true to my style. Ankle boots are almost like sneakers to me. Except that they’re dressier of course. But the functionality that they offer are pretty much the same. I can play table tennis in them. No problem!

3. Selected Femme basic t-shirts

The most flattering t-shirt I have ever bought with an okay price tag that survived the washing machine. It’s soft and made of 100% cotton. I like that the collar is quite high and has a thick band. It’s called my perfect boxy crew neck t-shirt and I do agree with every word on the name. I currently have two, one white, and one is stripe (surprise surprise). Maybe I’ll add a black or grey one in the future but for now, I feel content with what I have.

4. Selected Femme shift dress

My go-to dress during the summer time. The length is perfect for wearing sans tights. I can get uncomfortable very easily if my dress isn’t long enough. Maybe because I’m too used to wearing jeans everywhere. This dress is extremely easy to maintain. It also doesn’t wrinkle badly after wash. I just need to be careful during ironing but other than that, it’s pretty easy. I can wear this dress in many different ways too which makes this dress extremely versatile.

5. Estee Lauder revitalizing supreme eye cream

Move on to beauty, I found my holy grail eye cream this year. I never thought to consider Estee Lauder to buy an eye cream from but I’m glad I did. It was so moisturizing under my eyes which makes my lines don’t appear as prominent and it provides a good base for my concealer prior application.

6. NARS orgasm/laguna duo

Ever since I purchased the duo in Paris in October, my Benefit Hoola bronzer has taken a back seat. I cannot believe how long it took me to purchase NARS Laguna due to it’s iconic status. I decided to buy the duo because I’d also like to try Orgasm but Laguna is the one that takes the cake for me.

So now having this list should remind me that I shouldn’t buy any more new t-shirts, new shift dress, new ankle boots, and new summer jacket. I have found the best of the best out there for my needs and I have to avoid having duplicates.

Grana Cashmere First Impression

It finally happened! I placed my first Grana order about a week or two ago. This year I pledged to myself to purchase a cashmere sweater to trial how warm can it be for cold winter days. Zara was my go-to store to get knitwear but they’re mostly made out of polyester which I ended up having to wear with a cotton long sleeve t-shirt underneath. To be honest, my main reason of avoiding ordering from Grana is that I don’t want to pay the shipping tax. Because I know, the tax can cost me as much as a new pair of jeans. But one night, I was in the ‘what-the-heck’ mood and I finally braved myself to make an order.

The shipment was incredibly fast noting that it came from Hong Kong. And surprise surprise (not really), I did have to pay tax for my order. I had to pay €31.69 for an order that cost me €80.10. That is around 37.5% of the price of the cashmere sweater itself. So I ended up paying more than 110 euro for everything. For that reason, this is probably the only thing I would ever order from Grana. I didn’t regret my order, but I would probably prefer to find an alternative to anything else I want to get from Grana in the future that is easier to get hold of. Although I really appreciate that DHL made it easy for me to pay for the tax. I was able to pay it online with my credit card so when I received the shipment, there’s no more faff with money.

For the quality of cashmere itself, I have to give you a disclaimer that I never had any kind of cashmere goods before this one. So I won’t be able to compare the quality of Grana cashmere to other brands. On first try, I found it’s quite itchy. But after a while, I don’t find that’s the case anymore. Also on the second time I wore it, I no longer feel the itchiness anymore. And in terms of warmth, it’s warmer than my other sweaters but not as warm as I had hoped for. But I think, it’s my expectation that is on fault because I get really cold when it’s actually not that cold. So I might be an anomaly here. I also find that it retains warmth. So after playing a little bit of ping pong during lunch break at work, I still can feel the warmth until 4pm which is 3 hours after I’m back to sitting on my desk.


The exact sweater I purchased was the Cashmere Crew Neck version in the color black in size S. I was thinking about getting a bigger size or the boyfriend cut but I have been wearing a lot of slouchy sweaters so I’d like to find something that’s more form fitting. As you can see on the picture, the size small fits me nicely. I usually go for the smallest size when it comes to clothes but I think Asian sizing is smaller so I went for S instead of XS.

The sweater didn’t come on its own. Inside the package, I also received a sweater comb to remove pills and a tote bag. I appreciate the extra goodies that come with my order. Oh! I also got handwritten a note from Grana employee, which is always nice.

I can’t really say anything about how it wash, because I haven’t tried washing my sweater yet. I will soon though! So I will update this post with my experience on hand washing cashmere for the first time. Stay tuned!

You can get 10% off of your first order if you use this link and I would receive €18 store credit. Please don’t think that you have to use my link, but it’s there when you need it ;)

Last Purchase of 2016


So I’m closing the year of 2016 with a very extravagant purchased fueled by an e-mail saying the sale has begun. It has been a quest of mine to find a good every day handbag ever since I sold my beloved Mulberry Bayswater. I did experience the unwanted seller regrets but I know deep down that it’s wise to sell it rather than to keep it. After owning the bag for a while, I have finally learnt that a top handle bag doesn’t suit my lifestyle nor my style.

That experience taught me that a messenger or a satchel would suit me better for a daily usage. One time I was gifted a knock-off of Mulberry Alexa and ever since owning it, I did use it non-stop until it fell apart. I also learned that I like having an organized bag. Pockets are my friends. I like to have a designated area for every item I carry. Phone goes into the back pocket, card holder goes into the inside zipper pocket, etc. Also I favor more for slouchier bags than structured ones. I think because I have more of a casual tomboy style so having a structured bag feel too formal to me.

There are a few bags that I have been eyeing to purchase but ended up settling for Proenza Schouler PS1. One of the reasons is because I scored such a good deal on it. 40% off of retail price is not bad at all. But also because compare to the other bags that I have in mind, PS1 offers more organizational space than the rest. My main favorite pocket is the one on the back that is against my body when I use it. It’s so handy to keep cellphone, keys, or my most used cards. Things that I need to take in and out so often. I also like the length of the strap. The others are either too long or too short for me.

Maybe I should stop reviewing the bag for now and save my opinions for later. I would like have a review up on this bag once I use it more. All in all, I’m very happy about this purchase. Although it’s quite grand, I have a really good feeling about it. Now it’s time to store my credit card in the freezer for the next 6 months.

The New Garconne: The Trainers

The New Garconne: The Trainers

“And that’s the crux really; these shoes don’t limit you to certain outfits or activities, their anonymity makes them versatile and eminently adaptable. And, understated as they are, they also speak volumes. What do they say? That the wearer likes to get things done, with calm, purposeful efficiency.”

-Nawaz Batliawalla in The New Garconne: How to be a Modern Gentlewoman


Despite being an avid wearer of Adidas Stan Smith right now, if I were to choose for one pair of trainers, I would whole-heartedly go for a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. I have gone through more than 5 pairs of these in my life and I have learned from experience to never put my converse in the washing machine. The only worse thing than brand spanking new pair of converse is a faded one.

To me a pair of converse do not require a breaking in period. I can go high or low top and still feel like myself. My current pair has been with me for the past 5 years and they do look worse for wear. When I replace them, I plan on getting my first leather version just to see if they can last longer than their canvas counterpart.

Being in my trainers is how I find myself comfortable in. They are the kind of shoes that I have been wearing since I was a kid. My first pair of Converse was probably when I was in kindergarten. And yes, I do agree that trainers do say that the wearer likes to get things done. Living in a city where I have to bike/walk most of the time, I do favor the functionality of a pair of trainers rather than the beauty of a pair of pumps.