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The New Garconne: The Trousers

“The magic is in the cut and the fabric, namely, a streamlined cut with a blade-sharp crease and a natural waist. I like a slim, cropped, cigarette trouser, but even a fuller peg-legged cut can look streamlined if it’s cut properly. Never put anything in your pockets – pocket bulges are a sartorial sin of the highest order! And go for the best fabric you can afford: it will just hang better.”

-Nawaz Batliawalla in The New Garconne: How to be a Modern Getlewoman


Talking about the best fabric I can afford, I bought my trousers from Uniqlo. Their Smart Ankle Length trousers have the perfect length for my height. Unfortunately I bought my first pair in the size S, which is a size too big. Indonesia (where I bought them) don’t carry the XS size. Despite being a size too big, I have been wearing that pair constantly for the past two years. Which made me realise that another pair in the size a smaller size is needed to be bought.

A pair of trousers is a must for me to have and it has been quite a ride to find the one. I was trying to find an alternative to the Uniqlo pair but have found none so far. Being a petite person in a big people world makes it difficult to find pants with an appropriate length. I would like to go to the custom made direction if only I can find a tailor whom I trust.

Rome, Italy 2016

IMG_0846 FullSizeRender IMG_0793 IMG_0835

Like I previously mentioned, Deo and I went away for a couple of days. We escaped to Rome, Italy from Monday to Wednesday to celebrate his 29th birthday. 29th of November for his 29th birthday. Sounds like something to celebrate for. The plan was not to have a romantic trip solely, but we really wanted to see Rome like tourists. Although we did have a nice dinner in front of Pantheon with a romantic live music.

What we usually opted for when we go to a foreign city is a hop on hop off bus. Not only you can see everything, but the information that’s given during the tour is very interesting. By no means it covers in depth level of knowledge, but it puts more depth into sight seeing compare to just walking around. We also booked a guided tour for inside the Colosseum as well as for the Palatine Hill. I think I can say for the both of us, it was well worth the money. The guide was also offering another tour for the Vatican city but unfortunately, we had to head back to The Netherlands that day.

Three days weren’t nearly enough to cover the beauty of Rome and to absorb all the history. But it was a good trip nonetheless. And one day, we plan on coming back. Maybe during the warmer months because it was bloody cold there!