2017 Goals

Happy new year!

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I’m embracing 2017 with open arms and new energy. As per usual, I have some goals up on my sleeves. 2017 has to be the most productive, effective, and interesting year. After an eventful 2016, I’m even more excited to experience 2017 in my new apartment with new adventures.

So yes, 2016 I hit a pretty big milestone. I bought an apartment of my own (I didn’t pay it in cash but still it’s pretty cool). The decorating/renovating phase is still ongoing up until now. It’s kinda scary though, what if it lasts for years??? The apartment only need kitchen and bathroom renovation. While the kitchen is 80% done, the bathroom hasn’t even been touched. So fingers crossed, it will be done before February graces upon us. But why am I rambling? I should talk about my 2017 goals!

First thing first, I have a plan to celebrate my birthday outside of The Netherlands for possibly a week. The destination is still undecided but if I can be a good girl when it comes to saving my money, then I can go a little bit HAM.

Secondly, I also want to make extra payment for my mortgage (because I didn’t pay my apartment in cash). I’m seriously unsure on how much money I can spare for this because I also want to increase my emergency saving but I will try my hardest!

I also want to go back being a bookworm, all these social media platforms have stolen my precious reading time (because I’m addicted to them, time to get sober). So I’m setting myself a goal of 24 books for 2017. Which averages to 2 books a month. Seems doable.

When it comes to work related goals, I just want to spend more time trying out new advancements in the world of web development. Prototyping more. That I found is the most effective way to learn a new framework, for example. Also taking more responsibilities at work. I will be mentoring an intern (my second one actually!) for the internship period of February – July 2017. So stuff like that.

So that’s it so far! I have all points above written down on a piece of paper and I want to try reading them everyday to stay focus. A little bit like ‘The Secret’ book. So how about you? How was your 2016? Any goals for 2017?