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One Day in Paris

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Last weekend, Deo and I impulsively decided to go to Paris for the whole Saturday. We took the bus at 1:00 AM on Saturday and come back to Eindhoven at 10:00 PM the same day. We had only one goal to go to Paris; eat ramen! Which we ended up obviously did. I am still regretting not getting seconds for both our trips to Ippudo (we went for lunch and dinner, I could have downed four bowls of ramen!).

If you noticed, the second picture on the first row is really really dark. It’s because we arrived really really early. Around 6:30 AM actually. We were pretty much zombies when we arrived. But the day turned up very nicely and we made the most of the day with sightseeing and eating ramen!

I’m very happy that we did do this spontaneous trip because 2017 is the year of being spontaneous!

New In: SK-II Skin Treatment Essence

For the past few years, my mom has been upping her skincare game. She wasn’t slacking before but since a year or two ago she has grown curious for the new products on the market. Or the cult favorite that she hasn’t tried. In November 2016, she scored herself a deal for the SK-II Skin Treatment Essence and ever since using the essence she has noticed good results. So whenever she told me about her experience using the essence, I told her I’m also curious on testing it out myself. And somehow, she asked a friend of mine who was visiting Indonesia to bring her bottle to give to me. And now I have a massive bottle of SK-II Skin Treatment Essence to try out. How exciting! Thanks mom!


First impression:

The first time I poured the liquid out of the bottle, I enjoyed the smell. But a few seconds later, the smell changed into something not so pleasant. I even asked her if it’s actually smell like feet after a few seconds or did the bottle go bad during transport. But she said, it does smell the same for her and she said it shouldn’t expire until 2019. I was bothered by it in the beginning, but not anymore.

For the first few uses, I poured the essence straight to my palms and just tap the essence onto my clean skin. But now, I use cotton rounds to swipe the essence across my face. I’m not sure which one I prefer yet since using cotton rounds leads to so much waste but I hate getting my palms sticky. So I will still test out the product for the foreseeable future and report back on my blog. But look at that bottle though!

What I Wore #1

Monday – H&M blouse | MUJI jeans | Isabel Marant Dicker boots | ZARA parka | Acne Canada scarf | Proenza Schouler PS1 medium bag

I was seriously considering to wear my LK Bennett pumps today. But since I had to walk from home and not really wanting to wear different shoes for commuting, I decided to just wear my Dicker boots instead. And since it was snowing in the weekend, I bundled up in my parka instead of regular coat.

Tuesday – GRANA crew neck cashmere sweater | MUJI jeans | 5th Avenue Chelsea boots | ZARA wrap coat | North Face Borealis backpack

Today I planned to play football with my colleagues, so I had to switch my Proenza Schouler bag to my backpack to carry all my football gear. By the way I just noticed that these MUJI jeans I have hold their shape pretty well. Usually after wear my skinny jeans get a little bit saggy so I have to wait for a day to re-wear them but this pair is just as tight as when they were freshly washed!

Wednesday – Selected Femme t-shirt | Primark utility jacket | MUJI jeans | LK Bennett Floret pumps | Acne Canada scarf | Proenza Schouler PS1 medium bag

Today wasn’t a good day for me at all. My heel got stuck into the gap between the wood floor outside my office and my shoe came off of my feet. And I woke up super late due to exhaustion from football yesterday. Also work was a bit stressful and they found a mouse at the office! Side note, I have a phobia for rodens and my colleague took a picture of the fucking mouse and shared it on office wide Slack channel. What the actual fuck.

Thursday – H&M blouse | GRANA crew neck cashmere sweater | G-Star RAW jeans | ZARA parka | Acne Canada scarf | Nike sneakers | Celine Trio bag

I planned to meet a friend after work today and was planning to dress a little bit nicer. But when I checked the weather forecast, I had to change my nicer coat to a parka and my ballet flats to a pair of sneakers. And omg this pair of jeans from G-Star is super duper comfortable but I should have ordered one/two sizes down. I’m just not sure if they come in my perfect size. They were heavily discounted though. From 120 to 40-ish I think. I might be able to alter them.

FullSizeRender 3
Friday – Selected Femme t-shirt | CK Jeans cardigan | G-Star RAW jeans | ZARA wrap coat | Dr.Martens boots | Acne Canada scarf | Celine Trio

It was supposed to be snowing heavily on Friday, hence me busting out the Dr.Martens boots. But nothing really sticks to the ground. Which was kind of disappointing. Talking about Dr.Martens, I have this pair of boots for about three or four years and somehow they’re not broken it yet?! What am I doing wrong here? Aren’t they supposed to be the comfiest boots on earth?

Workwear: H&M Blouse

hmprod A month ago, I ordered from Zalando Lounge a heavily discounted silk blouse from Equipment. It hasn’t arrived yet (they have a different business model, you basically get your items heavily discounted but a month or two later). I was very excited to own an Equipment blouse. But after reading reviews about silk blouses, I feel like I don’t have the diligence to hand wash or to take care of that beautiful and expensive blouse. So my plan is to return the blouse and find a similar one from H&M to replace it as my go-to work blouse.

One day after work, I paid a visit to H&M (I work in the city center so it’s basically 2 steps away) and went home with a new blouse. Mine is not in the color that is shown there (I bought navy), H&M online doesn’t have it in navy somehow. But I’m pretty sure the fabric and the cut is the exact same as the one that I bought. My favorite thing about the blouse is it doesn’t crease! Ironing is probably my least favorite chore so having a nice looking blouse that doesn’t require much ironing is probably as exciting as hitting jackpot.


hmprod My favorite look is to have it paired with a pair of skinny jeans. I find that the blouse is neat enough that a pair of jeans can bring it down a notch towards looking more casual. And adding a pair of single sole pointed toe patent leather pumps will tie the look together. I would like to throw on a black blazer too over it but unfortunately I’m still on a hunt of a nice black blazer. I also prefer the look of the blouse tucked in. Although the model’s outfit looks really good too.