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Probably I have mentioned here that I am on a hunt of the perfect leather jacket. I understand that this is probably equal to hunting a unicorn or triple rainbows. There are so many qualities that I look for in a leather jacket that probably no company ever will make it so. And I figure, rather than knocking my head over something that I don’t have, why not just enjoy something that I have despite how annoying it is when I accidentally rub the fabric together. It squeaks. One of the many cons of fake leather.

The weather finally is agreeing with me again. I no longer have to wear my super cozy warm parka that makes me look like a hot dog wherever I go. Not that I mind being comfortable, but I broke the zipper so it ended up not being insulated enough for me to keep warm. And I just miss wearing leather jacket again. I need to wear a layer of down jacket underneath if I have to bike but I don’t mind that. The main reason why I bought my Uniqlo ultra light down jacket is to layer underneath any other jacket I own. So it actually serves its purpose.

And today was finally the day I wore my Isabel Marant dicker boots again. I haven’t worn them in about three weeks and that is the longest I have gone without slipping my feet into them. Also every weekend, I always switch bag into my blue Celine trio. I don’t need to carry my agenda during the weekend so there’s no need to use a big bag. This one is sufficient and I’m enjoying how it organises my items.

By the way, I don’t want to jinx it, but this pair of RayBan has been with me since last Summer. Which is quite long for me! I’m notorious for losing my RayBan after two weeks of having them. This is my fourth pair!!! Please pray for me so I won’t have to buy my fifth pair.

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