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Hot Weather Vacation

Starting from April 3rd until April 16th, I will be away visiting Thailand and Malaysia for my birthday (7th of April). It has been a hot minute since the last time I go on a beach holiday. So far it has been mostly city trips. I was in between destinations when I was planning for my birthday trip. From New York to Tokyo. But due to financial reason, I chose to go to Thailand instead. And while we’re at it, might as well visit Malaysia for a short while.

Out of excitement, I have made several packing lists for my birthday trip. That’s arguably my favorite thing from a vacation, planning what to pack. Although more often than not, I got overwhelmed during packing and disregard my list completely. This time, I plan on packing lighter than light. There’s no need to pack different clothes for every day I’m away. Also my formula for packing is just simple, a breathable t-shirt (short sleeve or no sleeve) and a simple jean shorts (denim or white). A pair of flip flops is crucial to bring too!

I will probably pack a shift dress too just in case I need to dress up a little bit. Although I don’t think I planned on going somewhere fancy during this trip. I just want to stay in water as much as possible and eat the good food. I am also still considering getting a backpack for this trip due to different places that I’m going to visit, it might be handy to just have a backpack on my back rather than dragging a rolling luggage around. Ah, I really can’t wait!

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm


Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

Hand balm is an appropriate name to call this product. It acts like a hand cream but more. To me the hydration that this product injects to my hands excels my previous hand cream from The Body Shop. Which is really something I need when the weather is cold and windy. It took me a while to be diligent to apply hand cream/balm on my hands but I am so glad I stick to it. Not just out of necessity but in terms of how my fingers are looking right now. They’re not as creepy as they were!

Two of my favorite things about this product are one, the amount of hydration it gives without being greasy (or without having to use so much product, because this shiz ain’t cheap). And two is the smell! It’s so fresh and zesty. Aromatique is definitely how I would describe this hand balm! A long long time ago, I used to use Weleda Skin Food and the smell of this hand balm is quite similar to that. You could probably get away with using Weleda Skin Food as a hand balm too but that thing is thick as hell! And also it’s very greasy in comparison to the Aesop one.

Now, 23 euros for a 75 ml hand balm is not cheap. But with the amount of product that you need per application, I think you can stretch the life of this product for more than 6 months. It’s a definite love from me and I think I will stick to this for a long time.