Monthly Archives: February 2018

January Buy


2018 started off pretty good. The amount of money spent in this month is significantly low than last month. Also in the beginning until mid month I spent very little time on online window shopping. Deo and I are binge watching GoT so there’s no time to even use my laptop at home after work. And reading has also been my opted activity to spend my time instead of being glued to my laptop/phone.

Like I mentioned in my last post that I set a budget for this year’s shopping spree. And out of that budget, I spent €30 for a boucle blazer from Zara. It’s one of those Chanel look a like. I have always wanted one. Especially after watching so many videos of Winnie Y on YouTube (if you haven’t seen her vlogs, go watch them if you fancy). But there’s no budget for a Chanel one. Also I don’t think I would want to spend the money for a Chanel blazer/jacket. My true love is more for luxury handbags than clothes or even other accessories.

I bought the blazer on 11th of January and so far have worn it for 5 times (I logged every piece of clothing item I wore in January). I might do a post about how I log what I wore every single day in January and also share my learnings. Because I purged some clothes out of my system due to finally learning how each item made me feel.

I hope this low buy can keep going throughout 2018.

Leftover budget: €2970