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2019 Q2 Shopping Log

Trying to switch things up a little here when it comes to shopping logs.

April 2019

I have confessed my sin regarding this purchase on this post. Still very much happy about this. As for someone who dresses casually about 11 times out of 10, I feel like these espadrilles elevate my look without making me feel uncomfortable.

I brought these shoes to my vacation back home and I wore them quite a bit. More than I expected so safe to say that it was a smart purchase.

May 2019

The month when I finally bought my prescription sunglasses from Ace & Tate. I did not go with the one I mentioned on my wishlist post. But it doesn’t matter now because I returned the pair anyway. The new prescription gave me headache and the frame is just too wide and kept on slipping off of my face. I guess I just have to stick with covering my eyes with my hand when it’s too bright outside.

Other than that, I did not buy anything else in May.

June 2019

Prior to my holiday in Indonesia, I panicked buy some clothes to wear during my trip. I find some people there dress less casually than people here and sometimes a t-shirt is not ‘fancy’ enough. So I got myself two cotton shirts from Zara kids. It took me so long to finally took off the tags and wear them though but I’m glad that I did. They’re basic but not boring.

I also bought a new dress to wear when we have lunch/dinner at hotels. My parents tend to do stuff like that and in fact we went to 2 different hotels this year. I wore the dress for one of the trips and I felt really well-dressed. Oh by the way, the dress is from Sissy Boy.

So that’s a wrap for my Q2 shopping log. I guess I’m going to continue with merging a few months together for simplicity.