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Five Months Using Safety Razor

It has been about five months since I ordered my first safety razor. Prior to using this, I haven’t really stuck to one method of hair removal. I have tried the conventional disposable shaver, epilator, waxing strips, or just plucking one by one with a tweezer when I’m bored. Epilator was my favorite for a while due to the re-growth period. I can go a week without having to bear the pain of epilating my hair (although overtime the pain reduces significantly). But I have way too many in grown hair by doing this method and I don’t want that. I went back for a while to using disposable shaver. It didn’t last that long because I just feel I have to re buy it way too often because it gets dull quick. And I hate doing that. It costs so much money! I hate spending a lot of money at the supermarket for something that is not food.

So I looked into the safety razor territory. Initially, I was skeptical. Also feared I might cut myself very dramatically. And the initial amount of money spend is not just in the tenner category. After deliberating for a few months, I purchased it anyway. I ordered it off of a dutch website and it arrived pretty quickly. Along the razor, I also placed an order for a box of razor for future use. The one I picked from the website was the Merkur 23c one. I figured let’s just follow the most popular one. Now I realized that kind of attitude might not help me in every situation but this one turned out okay. I was kind of regretting not getting the butterfly opening (the one that opens up when you twist on the bottom) but I guess this one is fine too.

Now I’m a convert for always using safety razor as my method of hair removal. I can use this to remove pretty much all the hair I want to be gone. My boyfriend also steals the razor from time to time and he also enjoys using it very much. So far I haven’t cut myself *knock on woods*. But my boyfriend did bleed a little bit whenever he uses the safety razor due to the bumpy texture of his skin on his jawline. But once he did use the disposable one and he cut himself even worse. So I guess using this is still a winner even for him.

I wished I was brave to travel with this but I just couldn’t do that. Especially through Amsterdam Schiphol because they are very strict. I swear they can even smell the razor blade. Also I haven’t found a place to buy razor blades in store except Aesop. I ended up having to splurge in Kuala Lumpur for a very bougie razor blades because I did pack the safety razor with me but not the blade. So anyone with tips and trick on how to travel with safety razor along with razor blade is very much welcome.

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm


Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

Hand balm is an appropriate name to call this product. It acts like a hand cream but more. To me the hydration that this product injects to my hands excels my previous hand cream from The Body Shop. Which is really something I need when the weather is cold and windy. It took me a while to be diligent to apply hand cream/balm on my hands but I am so glad I stick to it. Not just out of necessity but in terms of how my fingers are looking right now. They’re not as creepy as they were!

Two of my favorite things about this product are one, the amount of hydration it gives without being greasy (or without having to use so much product, because this shiz ain’t cheap). And two is the smell! It’s so fresh and zesty. Aromatique is definitely how I would describe this hand balm! A long long time ago, I used to use Weleda Skin Food and the smell of this hand balm is quite similar to that. You could probably get away with using Weleda Skin Food as a hand balm too but that thing is thick as hell! And also it’s very greasy in comparison to the Aesop one.

Now, 23 euros for a 75 ml hand balm is not cheap. But with the amount of product that you need per application, I think you can stretch the life of this product for more than 6 months. It’s a definite love from me and I think I will stick to this for a long time.

New In: SK-II Skin Treatment Essence

For the past few years, my mom has been upping her skincare game. She wasn’t slacking before but since a year or two ago she has grown curious for the new products on the market. Or the cult favorite that she hasn’t tried. In November 2016, she scored herself a deal for the SK-II Skin Treatment Essence and ever since using the essence she has noticed good results. So whenever she told me about her experience using the essence, I told her I’m also curious on testing it out myself. And somehow, she asked a friend of mine who was visiting Indonesia to bring her bottle to give to me. And now I have a massive bottle of SK-II Skin Treatment Essence to try out. How exciting! Thanks mom!


First impression:

The first time I poured the liquid out of the bottle, I enjoyed the smell. But a few seconds later, the smell changed into something not so pleasant. I even asked her if it’s actually smell like feet after a few seconds or did the bottle go bad during transport. But she said, it does smell the same for her and she said it shouldn’t expire until 2019. I was bothered by it in the beginning, but not anymore.

For the first few uses, I poured the essence straight to my palms and just tap the essence onto my clean skin. But now, I use cotton rounds to swipe the essence across my face. I’m not sure which one I prefer yet since using cotton rounds leads to so much waste but I hate getting my palms sticky. So I will still test out the product for the foreseeable future and report back on my blog. But look at that bottle though!

Best Buy: 2016

2016 has mostly been about finding foundation pieces for my wardrobe. Investing in items that can work coherently together. Also on items that should last through the test of time. Not much beauty items were purchased this year (although one midnight, I had a flop and ordered 11 lipglosses). Hopefully in 2017, I will be able to learn from my purchase history of 2016.

1. Primark utility jacket

I lived in this jacket through summer. It has many pockets that I can utilize when I’m wearing dresses with no pockets. It’s a substantial enough layer for when it’s windy. And my favorite thing about it is the fact that I can button it all the way up to cover my neck. It’s important to me to cover my neck when I’m biking. Although it’s Primark, which is the opposite of buying for quality. But it has been okay so far. And cost per wear is already down to around 15 cents per wear.

2. Isabel Marant Etoile dicker boots

I also have been wearing them a lot since purchasing. They’re very comfortable and true to my style. Ankle boots are almost like sneakers to me. Except that they’re dressier of course. But the functionality that they offer are pretty much the same. I can play table tennis in them. No problem!

3. Selected Femme basic t-shirts

The most flattering t-shirt I have ever bought with an okay price tag that survived the washing machine. It’s soft and made of 100% cotton. I like that the collar is quite high and has a thick band. It’s called my perfect boxy crew neck t-shirt and I do agree with every word on the name. I currently have two, one white, and one is stripe (surprise surprise). Maybe I’ll add a black or grey one in the future but for now, I feel content with what I have.

4. Selected Femme shift dress

My go-to dress during the summer time. The length is perfect for wearing sans tights. I can get uncomfortable very easily if my dress isn’t long enough. Maybe because I’m too used to wearing jeans everywhere. This dress is extremely easy to maintain. It also doesn’t wrinkle badly after wash. I just need to be careful during ironing but other than that, it’s pretty easy. I can wear this dress in many different ways too which makes this dress extremely versatile.

5. Estee Lauder revitalizing supreme eye cream

Move on to beauty, I found my holy grail eye cream this year. I never thought to consider Estee Lauder to buy an eye cream from but I’m glad I did. It was so moisturizing under my eyes which makes my lines don’t appear as prominent and it provides a good base for my concealer prior application.

6. NARS orgasm/laguna duo

Ever since I purchased the duo in Paris in October, my Benefit Hoola bronzer has taken a back seat. I cannot believe how long it took me to purchase NARS Laguna due to it’s iconic status. I decided to buy the duo because I’d also like to try Orgasm but Laguna is the one that takes the cake for me.

So now having this list should remind me that I shouldn’t buy any more new t-shirts, new shift dress, new ankle boots, and new summer jacket. I have found the best of the best out there for my needs and I have to avoid having duplicates.