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Non Summery Summer Outfits

How’s the weather where you are? Here is kind of weird. Are we officially in Summer yet? Because it’s only warm one day a week in this city. With very breezy morning which revoked my shorts wearing option.

So I’ve been super overwhelmed with my Summer wardrobe planning. There are so many cute dresses out there that I want to buy. Which I also did but ended up returning almost all of them (I kept one, I posted a photo of me wearing it already).

I’ve been saving a lot of French girls outfit photos on Instagram in the hope of to be able to dress like them. But whoamIkidding, I’m not French. Nor do I wear clothes like that. I mean, I can forego wearing bra like all of them are but some outfits are just not practical.

So I stripped all nonsense and somewhat came up with a rule of dressing to myself. I’ll only wear black. And restrict myself with only wearing black t-shirt + black jeans combo. Which means, I have been dressing like this lately.



Very colorful indeed.

So far I feel pretty good about this. I mean I still think about clothes, but no longer what to buy. Also getting dressed has been pretty easy. But now I think more about makeup hahaha.

I’m not sure how long I would like to do this all black ensemble, is this an experiment? Or lifestyle choice? I still have to decide on that.

This also means I’m going to refrain from posting my outfits because I wear the exact same thing everyday. On good days, I even wear the exact same t-shirt two days in a row (if my pits aren’t that sweaty hahaha). So no need to update on boring stuff rightttt.

Why Acne Studios is My Go To Jeans Brand



Because their jeans fit me.

It’s as simple as that.

Oh, you want more details? Allow me…

My first pair of Acne Studios was one that I bought from the sales. They say to not shop the sales because you’re more likely to buy things that you don’t need. I say, I’m not going to spend €170 for something that I don’t know will work. So this is my research pair. At least that’s how I justify it. I purchased one Skin 5 jeans in the color indigo.

First impression wasn’t good actually, other than how they fit. They smelled weird and they stained when I crawled on the table in the meeting room (don’t ask). But they have evolved to the pair that I reached daily. The length is perfect despite it being 32. I usually go for 30 because I’m a short person. But surprisingly this pair doesn’t bunch up on the ankles for me. They look real good on me from front and back. My biggest pet peeve is when my jeans stretch after wearing them a few times in a row, but this pair doesn’t do such thing to me. They keep tight even though I’m not handling them with care.


  • Don’t stretch after constant wear
  • Perfect fit and perfect length for my height (163CM)
  • Feels thick and sturdy
  • Color doesn’t fade after wash


  • Smells weird initially (gone after few washes)
  • The price

I also love the fact that now my blue pair has some whiskers on the back of the knee, which make the jeans look more casual and worn in. So now that I have 2 pairs of the jeans in the color that can go with any kind of outfit, I feel like my jeans search is over for now. I’m telling you, being a shorty is difficult when it comes to finding a good pair of jeans.

It’s a Trench Season

IMG_2417 IMG_2418

Finally I’m able to wear my trench again without freezing my butts off. Also I biked without gloves for the first day today. Fun fact, I have had this pair of jeans for more than 8 years. They still look brand new! I had to hem the length when I first got them. I asked my step aunt to help me with hemming them. It’s still vivid in my mind how we did it in my parents bedroom.

MANGO trench coat
ZARA jeans
CONVERSE sneakers

Moto Leather Jacket

I did it, I bid adieu to my quest on finding the be-all-end-all moto leather jacket. Ultimately I settled for the first option that was on the table. I had to do minor tweak that I was very adamant of not doing but I decided to make peace with myself. There’s no need to spend more time and energy for just one piece of clothing. There needs to be a balance of effort for finding the holy grail without going mental. I’m pretty sure Deo is already sick and tired of me asking for his opinions on the 1000th leather jacket. He gave good pointers but I got too overwhelmed with the sea of options that I ended up neglecting his choices.


So I went to the MANGO store and purchased their basic moto leather jacket. I went for the MANGO version because of the lack of the belt (although now I kinda want one with the belt too) as well as the price point. I also watched someone on YouTube who really enjoys the quality of her MANGO leather jacket. All Saints is a good brand for leather jackets as some people mentioned. But there are so many trips ahead of me that I can’t justify spending 400 euros for a jacket.

Ever since buying the jacket, the jacket and I have become one. It’s a bit silly really, but I have been looking for multiple ways to incorporate the jacket into my outfit every single day. My colleagues told me that I’m crazy for wearing my leather jacket underneath my coat, but I just want to wear my jacket you know?!