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It’s a Trench Season

IMG_2417 IMG_2418

Finally I’m able to wear my trench again without freezing my butts off. Also I biked without gloves for the first day today. Fun fact, I have had this pair of jeans for more than 8 years. They still look brand new! I had to hem the length when I first got them. I asked my step aunt to help me with hemming them. It’s still vivid in my mind how we did it in my parents bedroom.

MANGO trench coat
ZARA jeans
CONVERSE sneakers

Moto Leather Jacket

I did it, I bid adieu to my quest on finding the be-all-end-all moto leather jacket. Ultimately I settled for the first option that was on the table. I had to do minor tweak that I was very adamant of not doing but I decided to make peace with myself. There’s no need to spend more time and energy for just one piece of clothing. There needs to be a balance of effort for finding the holy grail without going mental. I’m pretty sure Deo is already sick and tired of me asking for his opinions on the 1000th leather jacket. He gave good pointers but I got too overwhelmed with the sea of options that I ended up neglecting his choices.


So I went to the MANGO store and purchased their basic moto leather jacket. I went for the MANGO version because of the lack of the belt (although now I kinda want one with the belt too) as well as the price point. I also watched someone on YouTube who really enjoys the quality of her MANGO leather jacket. All Saints is a good brand for leather jackets as some people mentioned. But there are so many trips ahead of me that I can’t justify spending 400 euros for a jacket.

Ever since buying the jacket, the jacket and I have become one. It’s a bit silly really, but I have been looking for multiple ways to incorporate the jacket into my outfit every single day. My colleagues told me that I’m crazy for wearing my leather jacket underneath my coat, but I just want to wear my jacket you know?!

Hot Weather Vacation

Starting from April 3rd until April 16th, I will be away visiting Thailand and Malaysia for my birthday (7th of April). It has been a hot minute since the last time I go on a beach holiday. So far it has been mostly city trips. I was in between destinations when I was planning for my birthday trip. From New York to Tokyo. But due to financial reason, I chose to go to Thailand instead. And while we’re at it, might as well visit Malaysia for a short while.

Out of excitement, I have made several packing lists for my birthday trip. That’s arguably my favorite thing from a vacation, planning what to pack. Although more often than not, I got overwhelmed during packing and disregard my list completely. This time, I plan on packing lighter than light. There’s no need to pack different clothes for every day I’m away. Also my formula for packing is just simple, a breathable t-shirt (short sleeve or no sleeve) and a simple jean shorts (denim or white). A pair of flip flops is crucial to bring too!

I will probably pack a shift dress too just in case I need to dress up a little bit. Although I don’t think I planned on going somewhere fancy during this trip. I just want to stay in water as much as possible and eat the good food. I am also still considering getting a backpack for this trip due to different places that I’m going to visit, it might be handy to just have a backpack on my back rather than dragging a rolling luggage around. Ah, I really can’t wait!

30 Degrees Uniform

Last week was a bizarre week, temperature wise. The temperature reached 34 degrees Celsius at some point that week. As someone who gravitates toward skinny jeans and sweater, I am at lost when it comes to dressing for this kind of weather. My mom has been very strict when it comes to showing too much skin. But honestly right now, I won’t be able to cope with this weather if I have to cover up so much. My office just moved location and they haven’t had the chance to install the air conditioning yet and I also don’t have air conditioner at home so I have to dress airy the whole day.

My first rule of thumb is to stick with white because coloured tops trap heat and I don’t want to have that. Shorts is the way to go. I can also wear dress but I don’t have easy summer dresses and since I need to bike everywhere, I feel like dress can get in my way. So a pair of shorts is what I chose for my uniform. Mine is an old pair from H&M that I probably bought in 2012. They are the only pair of denim shorts that I have but they serve me just fine.

And since I injured my right ankle, it has become twice the size of my left ankle. Due to that accident, I haven’t been able to wear any kind of shoes. Thankfully I have a pair of Birkenstocks that I can just easily slide in and out of. The sandals also are adjustable when it comes to width so I can make it a little bit bigger for my swollen foot. Ouch!

So the combination of white top, denim shorts, and sandals is my kind of hot weather uniform. I also never leave the house without a pair of sunglasses as well as skin coated of sunscreen. Stay protected!