Spring/Summer 2019 Wardrobe Planning

Drafting this post, I’m quite glad that I pretty much have everything that I’m planning to wear in the S/S. Or rather, I plan to just wear the stuff that I already own because it’s not sustainable to revamp the wardrobe every season. As much as I like to spend my time thinking about clothes, it’s hardly justifiable to restart my wardrobe twice a year.

What I’m trying to do this time is to pack all other clothes that I don’t plan on wearing in the Spring and Summer. And only grab from the storage if really necessary. So I can have less crowded wardrobe and I can actually remember which clothes I currently have on rotation.


  • Linen t-shirt
  • Camisole
  • Cotton long-sleeve t-shirt
  • Cotton t-shirt
  • Lightweight sweater


  • White jeans
  • Cargo pants
  • Tailored pants
  • Cropped jeans
  • Midi dress


  • Leather jacket
  • Worker jacket
  • Suit blazer
  • Lightweight puffer


  • Ankle boots
  • White sneakers
  • Espadrilles
  • Flat sandals


  • Black cross body bag
  • Scarf
  • Leather belt

I’m so excited to start wearing more of my Carhartt jacket, Isabel Marant Dicker boots, and my Zara midi dress. Because I stopped wearing some of my clothes during the colder seasons, I always feel like I get to wear ‘new’ clothes without buying more stuff when it’s warmer.

Do you have any piece of clothing that you can’t wait to wear again once the weather gets warmer?

New Shoes Although I Said No More Shoes in 2019

So yea. The title says it all I guess.

One of my 19 of 2019 is to not buy new shoes. A pledge I successfully kept until mid April 2019. Believe me, there were weak moments when I ordered a pair of boots from Zalando and then quickly cancelled the order because I came to my senses about 2 seconds after I hit order. But I eventually caved for a pair of wedges espadrilles. Which to be fair I have wanted for at least a year if not two.

I was waiting for the longest time for Zalando to stock up the black pair. Because I felt like that’s the only sensible choice for me and my style. Not to mention that black requires zero to low maintenance effort. But I ended up going for the cream colored shoes instead since the choice from Zalando is only that or navy. And I thoroughly enjoy shopping from Zalando due to their customer service.

Size wise, I went for 37 instead of 38. I thought for the longest time that I’m a true 38. But I have been buying 37 shoes for my last few shoe purchases so I don’t even know what size my feet are anymore. I guess, 37.5? At least with this size my feet don’t flop around in the shoes when I walk.

Since I haven’t had these for long, I can’t vouch for the durability. However, despite the height they’re plenty comfortable. I road tested these shoes for walking around for > 13.000 steps and didn’t notice discomfort on my arch. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for the bottom of my feet. The canvas rubs my feet uncomfortably so I might need to add some kind of foot petals to fix this.

Also after wearing them for 3 days in a row, they’re no longer look as crips so I have cleaned them with some soapy water using toothbrush. I might need to do this quite frequently but I don’t really mind that. I guess as I grow older I’m starting to see the small things really do make an outfit.

So yea, this is going to be my Summer shoes of choice. I feel very feminine and put together when I wear them and that’s something I missed in my Summer wardrobe.

Three of My Favorite Things

One of my last buy for 2018 was a Yeezy Season 6 hoodie. It wasn’t a planned buy but the quality of the fabric made me buy the hoodie in an instant. Also I’m not a Yeezy connoisseur at all, I just tried on the hoodie and really wanted it therefore I got it. And according to my StyleBook app, I wore the hoodie approximately 10 times a month starting from 1st of January 2019.

My favorite thing about the hoodie is the hood itself. That thing is so massive so it can cover my head and more. Also because of the heavy weight of the fabric, when I bike, the wind won’t blow the hood off of my head. Hands down, this is my favorite sweatshirt in my wardrobe. Do I think the price tag matches the quality? Probably not, but this is one of those indulgent items that I’m so happy I was able to buy.

I also have been wearing my Celine Trio bag a lot. Also to work (I carry a backpack too to fit my work laptop), since I like to walk around in the city center during my lunch break. I missed it so much. This bag is so easy to use and so light weight. Unfortunately I was in such a rush and bad temperament when I bought it so I forgot to ask if they still had the one with the old logo in stock. Oh well, what matters is the functionality of the bag itself. One thing to note, the inside is no longer lined with wool, it’s now some kind of ruled leather? I don’t even know.

Also sometime by the end of last year, I bought a new biker boots. This pair is from Nubikk. I asked Deo whether or not I should buy the boots and he said he didn’t like them. But I didn’t care and bought them anyway because finding this kind of boots in gold hardware is trickier than the ones in silver. Once I bought them and worn them with a lot of different outfits, Deo admitted to me that he’s glad I bought the boots anyway because he really likes them now. Funny how his taste changed haha. Good thing I didn’t listen to him 😉

Why Acne Studios is My Go To Jeans Brand



Because their jeans fit me.

It’s as simple as that.

Oh, you want more details? Allow me…

My first pair of Acne Studios was one that I bought from the sales. They say to not shop the sales because you’re more likely to buy things that you don’t need. I say, I’m not going to spend €170 for something that I don’t know will work. So this is my research pair. At least that’s how I justify it. I purchased one Skin 5 jeans in the color indigo.

First impression wasn’t good actually, other than how they fit. They smelled weird and they stained when I crawled on the table in the meeting room (don’t ask). But they have evolved to the pair that I reached daily. The length is perfect despite it being 32. I usually go for 30 because I’m a short person. But surprisingly this pair doesn’t bunch up on the ankles for me. They look real good on me from front and back. My biggest pet peeve is when my jeans stretch after wearing them a few times in a row, but this pair doesn’t do such thing to me. They keep tight even though I’m not handling them with care.


  • Don’t stretch after constant wear
  • Perfect fit and perfect length for my height (163CM)
  • Feels thick and sturdy
  • Color doesn’t fade after wash


  • Smells weird initially (gone after few washes)
  • The price

I also love the fact that now my blue pair has some whiskers on the back of the knee, which make the jeans look more casual and worn in. So now that I have 2 pairs of the jeans in the color that can go with any kind of outfit, I feel like my jeans search is over for now. I’m telling you, being a shorty is difficult when it comes to finding a good pair of jeans.