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Hot Weather Vacation

Starting from April 3rd until April 16th, I will be away visiting Thailand and Malaysia for my birthday (7th of April). It has been a hot minute since the last time I go on a beach holiday. So far it has been mostly city trips. I was in between destinations when I was planning for my birthday trip. From New York to Tokyo. But due to financial reason, I chose to go to Thailand instead. And while we’re at it, might as well visit Malaysia for a short while.

Out of excitement, I have made several packing lists for my birthday trip. That’s arguably my favorite thing from a vacation, planning what to pack. Although more often than not, I got overwhelmed during packing and disregard my list completely. This time, I plan on packing lighter than light. There’s no need to pack different clothes for every day I’m away. Also my formula for packing is just simple, a breathable t-shirt (short sleeve or no sleeve) and a simple jean shorts (denim or white). A pair of flip flops is crucial to bring too!

I will probably pack a shift dress too just in case I need to dress up a little bit. Although I don’t think I planned on going somewhere fancy during this trip. I just want to stay in water as much as possible and eat the good food. I am also still considering getting a backpack for this trip due to different places that I’m going to visit, it might be handy to just have a backpack on my back rather than dragging a rolling luggage around. Ah, I really can’t wait!

30 Degrees Uniform

Last week was a bizarre week, temperature wise.┬áThe temperature reached 34 degrees Celsius at some point that week. As someone who gravitates toward skinny jeans and sweater, I am at lost when it comes to dressing for this kind of weather. My mom has been very strict when it comes to showing too much skin. But honestly right now, I won’t be able to cope with this weather if I have to cover up so much. My office just moved location and they haven’t had the chance to install the air conditioning yet and I also don’t have air conditioner at home so I have to dress airy the whole day.

My first rule of thumb is to stick with white because coloured tops trap heat and I don’t want to have that. Shorts is the way to go. I can also wear dress but I don’t have easy summer dresses and since I need to bike everywhere, I feel like dress can get in my way. So a pair of shorts is what I chose for my uniform. Mine is an old pair from H&M that I probably bought in 2012. They are the only pair of denim shorts that I have but they serve me just fine.

And since I injured my right ankle, it has become twice the size of my left ankle. Due to that accident, I haven’t been able to wear any kind of shoes. Thankfully I have a pair of Birkenstocks that I can just easily slide in and out of. The sandals also are adjustable when it comes to width so I can make it a little bit bigger for my swollen foot. Ouch!

So the combination of white top, denim shorts, and sandals is my kind of hot weather uniform. I also never leave the house without a pair of sunglasses as well as skin coated of sunscreen. Stay protected!