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Spending Fast

I know it’s a bit premature to do new year resolutions post, but why wait if you’re trying to implement good habit?

So starting from last Monday (November 13th, 2017), I’m officially on a spending fast. This decision was sparked from listening to The Minimalists audiobook when I was in Lisbon last week. I admire how everything can be simplified so I’m going to start on my finance. My end date is my going to be April 7th, 2018 also known as my birthday! For someone who likes to read a lot of personal finance blogs, I’m quite terrible in terms of setting a rational budget. Therefore I’m going cold turkey.

Rules are pretty simple, I just can’t buy anything other than food. No clothes, no shoes, and no beauty products. Except when it’s a hygiene product. I’m sure nobody wants me around if I can’t brush my teeth just because I ran out of toothpaste and not wanting to repurchase due to this challenge.

To add onto the list of what I can’t buy is also stuff for the house. My apartment has been going through a major improvement for the past two months so I think I can live like this until the end of the spending fast.

However, I have another exception that I have to make. I know I know, I just started this challenge but I’m already ‘failing’. The one exception that I have to make is for my wedding bands. Deo and I are still on the lookout for our wedding bands for our wedding in March. So yea, one ring for me is allowed because I’m getting fucking married.

So there you go! I will make it my mission to update on my blog every week on how this challenge progressing. Wish me luck guys!

Beach Life

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The only thing I can think of right now is how and when to go back. Preferably sooner than later.

Worst Buy: 2016

I only have one thing on this list: COS Crossover V-neck Dress.

It’s the worst I have spent my money on in the year of 2016. So I went to Amsterdam for a conference. But since the conference started super early, I didn’t want to take the ghost train early in the morning from Eindhoven to Amsterdam for one a half hour. I decided to stay over at my friend’s place in Amsterdam the night before. Genius idea!

So I packed my bag knowing that I will only spend two nights in Amsterdam (it was a two-day conference). I packed very minimally because I didn’t want to carry a lot of stuff along with me. I thought to myself that I can re-wear the same outfit for both of the conference days. Wrong! So I had to resort to my emergency t-shirt to layer underneath my sweater to stay fresh.

But then, I somehow made plan with other friends to hang out in Amsterdam the next day after the conference. I ended up sleeping over at the same place, which means I extended my stay in Amsterdam. So I decided to buy new clothes due to minimalism gone wrong.

At that time, I was looking for to purchase a new dress. It felt like good timing¬†to buy a dress at that time. I settled with one from COS because it looks cool and it was on discount. The first day of wearing it, I felt great. But after it went to the washing machine, I got nervous. It has lost it’s shape and it wrinkles like mad. I’m not the master of ironing but I’m not that shit either, but this dress just won’t cooperate! So after that initial wear, I have not worn it ever again. I’m not even sure where the dress is right now.

This is how the dress looks:


I’m still so mad at myself because I think I paid either 40 or 60 euro for that dress.

The First Week of 2017


First day of work in 2017. Of course everyone got sick due to the random sleeping hours as well as the cold. I have been trying to face work with a different attitude. Which is less time spent for whining. Not that I hate the work that I do, it’s just a thing to do when something goes boom. Just say “FUCK THIS”, curse at it. It won’t change anything but the frustration dose become less somehow. But it’s time to be more positive and remind myself that I can do this. Today I picked up an order from a department store here. It’s a Proenza Schouler wallet. And spent about an hour after that contemplating whether or not I should keep it. I even involved my co-workers into this decision. I ended up not keeping it though because who am I kidding, who uses long continental wallet anymore nowadays?


Planned to go to the gym after work since the past weekend. And surprise surprise, it didn’t happen! I decided to stay home and bring my work home. Although I ended up not doing traditional work, I researched a lot about Angular2 and Webpack (work related topics). I went home during the lunch break to cook myself some warm lunch (we got complimentary lunch at work such as sandwiches and some variants of salads). From time to time having warm meal for lunch is really enjoyable.


Finally booked my birthday trip! I’ll be traveling to Thailand and Malaysia for about 14 days. Starting from flying in to Bangkok for a transfer to Phuket and continuing to Kuala Lumpur, back to Bangkok for the remaining three days, and finally fly back to Amsterdam on a Sunday. All the airplane tickets as well as accommodations have been booked. So basically the only thing to do is wait until April, pack, and leave! I’m very very excited about this!

I have been sleeping extra late than usual since Sunday 1st and now finally my body is telling me to cut the crap and just rest. Also in conjunction with the first day of auntie flo’s visit, I wasn’t just feeling it. Today I finally decided to get a haircut. When I arrived at my apartment building, I popped into a hair salon downstairs first to make an appointment. I have been meaning to get a trim for the longest time! Now that I live practically above a hair salon, I should be more diligent with getting a trim regularly.

Last working day of the week! Wheeeeee! Weirdly enough, I didn’t remember that it was Friday until 3pm. The whole day morning I thought it was Thursday! Not that much stuff to do work related so I had a lot of chit chat with my co-workers and attended a presentation class (in-house). And before lunch I had a small meet-up with Deo to get a cup of coffee downstairs (of my office). It’s always nice to hang out with him :) And now I’m waiting for the rice to cook and I’ll have dinner afterwards. Possibly will spend the rest of the night chillin’ or making prototype app with Angular 2.

How was your week? Do you feel like it’s 2017 or still hangover of 2016?