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Corsx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid Review

It has been a while since I tried a life changing skincare product, so I feel compelled to write my own 2 cents about my experience on using the Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid as my choice of everyday chemical exfoliant.


Allow me to explain a backstory of my journey/struggle/battle to get rid of my textured nose. Okay, in realness, the texture is solely caused by the abundance of white head habituating my nose. My only attempt to remove them prior using a chemical exfoliant is just using a facial scrub and scrub the heck out of my nose whenever I shower. Every time I’m done showering, my nose feels super smooth, but not for long because those stubborn whiteheads come back in an instant.

So I figure I ought to find a better long term solution for this. I can’t for the life of me remember how I stumbled upon a glowing review of this product. But I do remember that I immediately placed an order after reading said review. I just can’t wait to try if it works.

My bottle was purchased from I believe it’s the most affordable option to buy from if you live in The Netherlands. There are other web-shops you can buy Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid from that will guarantee next day arrival but I wasn’t about to pay 5 euros extra.



I believe on the packaging it’s advised to build up some sort of resistance, so you start with one application every 2-3 days until your skin can take daily application. But I’m nothing but a rebel so from the very beginning I adjusted myself with the once a day application. I do this in the morning after I wash my face with a mild cleanser.

The way I apply this is either I pump a couple of pumps immediately on my hands and just massage the product on my skin or use a cotton round. I switch around between these two application methods because for some reason I get bored for sticking with one hahaha.

So it has been about three weeks since I religiously use the product and I have noticed major improvements. My skin has stayed smooth which allows my makeup to apply better and look better. Although I still avoid putting any kind of makeup on top of my nose out of habit, but the texture has improved significantly. My whiteheads are no longer poppin’.

What I also love about this is how moisturized my skin feels after application. I now remember that I have had a bottle of Clinique exfoliating toner prior using this and although the Clinique one didn’t necessarily make my skin uber dry, it’s not moisturizing either. Unlike the Cosrx one.

So yea, I think I will stick with this bottle and I’ll report back when I’m nearing the end of my bottle.

Why Acne Studios is My Go To Jeans Brand



Because their jeans fit me.

It’s as simple as that.

Oh, you want more details? Allow me…

My first pair of Acne Studios was one that I bought from the sales. They say to not shop the sales because you’re more likely to buy things that you don’t need. I say, I’m not going to spend €170 for something that I don’t know will work. So this is my research pair. At least that’s how I justify it. I purchased one Skin 5 jeans in the color indigo.

First impression wasn’t good actually, other than how they fit. They smelled weird and they stained when I crawled on the table in the meeting room (don’t ask). But they have evolved to the pair that I reached daily. The length is perfect despite it being 32. I usually go for 30 because I’m a short person. But surprisingly this pair doesn’t bunch up on the ankles for me. They look real good on me from front and back. My biggest pet peeve is when my jeans stretch after wearing them a few times in a row, but this pair doesn’t do such thing to me. They keep tight even though I’m not handling them with care.


  • Don’t stretch after constant wear
  • Perfect fit and perfect length for my height (163CM)
  • Feels thick and sturdy
  • Color doesn’t fade after wash


  • Smells weird initially (gone after few washes)
  • The price

I also love the fact that now my blue pair has some whiskers on the back of the knee, which make the jeans look more casual and worn in. So now that I have 2 pairs of the jeans in the color that can go with any kind of outfit, I feel like my jeans search is over for now. I’m telling you, being a shorty is difficult when it comes to finding a good pair of jeans.

Osprey Fairpoint 40L Review


When I did my trip to Thailand and Malaysia for my birthday, I decided to bring a backpack instead of a luggage. One is because I had a connecting flight from Bangkok to Phuket with different aircrafts. Meaning if I were to have my bag checked, I have to take it from the conveyor belt and re-check it for the next flight. Two, there were a lot of walking with the bag. And having a rolling suitcase wasn’t sound appealing to me.

Before purchasing the Osprey Fairpoint, I initially bought a backpack from Quechua (I don’t remember which exactly). The price was cheaper and it was easier to get for me. However, the size was just too big. I believe I chose the 50L one. I fear of stuffing it to the max and it will exceed the allowed weight for carry on. Also when I compare to the Osprey one, the Osprey one is much more comfortable worn.

The main reason why I go for Fairpoint 40L is because this pack is carry-on accepted. As long as you don’t bring too much so that it exceeds the weight allowance. It’s also front-loading backpack. Meaning, it can open up just like a suitcase. I really hate top loading backpack if I want to use it as my suitcase replacement. Those are the two most important aspects that I look for before purchasing a travel pack.

The hip belt is also a very great feature. I found this helps a lot to distribute the weight so I can carry my pack longer without having shoulder pain. Also it’s very padded which makes it comfortable and doesn’t dig into my hip. Unfortunately, there’s no zipper on the hip belt that I can use to store my phone or passport for easy access.

This pack can also turn into a duffel if you’d like. There’s a special flap to cover the shoulder straps when you don’t want to use it as a backpack. And it’s also came with a separate cross body strap. So when you want to check it in your shoulder straps can be tucked away safely to not get caught in anything.

So to make it easier to read,


  • Carry-on acceptable
  • Front loading pack
  • Adjustable hip belt
  • Shoulder straps can be zipped away

When it comes to things that I don’t really like about this pack, I have a few. One is the size. Although it’s supposedly not a large pack, I feel like it’s still big on my back. I look like a teenage mutant ninja turtle when I have it on. Oh I forgot to mention that mine is the S/M version of the two (there’s one that’s M/L). Which means it’s 38L instead of 40L. So it should look better for my 163cm figure than the bigger version. But still, I look like a turtle. Not a very pretty look.

As I mentioned previously, there’s no pocket on the hip belt. Although is not a deal breaker, I wouldn’t mind to have it. A lot of people mentioned that the mesh pockets on the front are too tight to fit water bottles in. To me, I don’t care about that because I hate carrying water bottles outside like that even if they fit. So you decide if it’s a con or you also don’t care.

One last thing, the placement of the laptop compartment is on the front of the pack instead of closer to your back. People say it’s annoying to have it on the front for balance compare to having it on the back. I have no personal experience to add to the discussion. So I should have just shut up and not mention this at all, I know.

Now TL;DR of the cons:

  • Too bulky for my body (163cm & 50kg)
  • No hip belt pocket
  • Mesh pockets don’t fit water bottles
  • Laptop compartment placement


This is how I look with the backpack on. Granted it was way too full. I bought two new pairs of shoes, which I shouldn’t have. Also I brought a full face snorkel mask which took up about 30% of the bag width.

So there you have it, I finally found the motivation to type up a review of the Osprey Fairpoint 40L from my experience. Not gonna lie, I sometimes browse to look for replacement. But for now there’s no urgent need to shell out >€100 for a new backpack that I don’t use everyday.

So how about you? Do you prefer suitcase or backpack for travel?

Proenza Schouler PS1 Review


The bag has been in my possession ever since December 2016. I have been utilizing this bag quite a lot and it immediately reached the status of being my go-to bag ever since purchase date.

My most favorite thing about the bag is the amount of compartments that it has. Also the schoolboy satchel look works really well with my wardrobe. I have been switching up between tying a knot on the strap (as how the bag came initially) and let the knot loose. I think with the ‘shorter’ strap, the bag can give more of a feminine look. But when I want to rock the comme des garçon style then I just let the strap loose.

I have been waiting for my bag to slouch like other people’s bags I’ve seen on the internet. But surprisingly, mine still hold it’s shape despite being used so many times, carrying so many different shape items. The leather is quite thick so I haven’t noticing any significant slouch look. I have developed some marks on the back of the bag from placing it on my bike basket but that’s totally because of my ‘fault’. The hardware also still as pristine as when I bought it!

One cons that I can mention is sometimes the clasp of the strap got stuck on the lapel of the bag, which can result in scratching the leather.

My bag is the Proenza Schouler PS1 medium in navy with silver hardware. In terms of dimensions, it’s Length: 12.5″ Width: 4″ Height: 8.5″ and Strap length: 22″ / 9″ drop. This bag won’t fit an A4 map so don’t force it if it won’t fit. They also have the plus version with some different details but the shape is pretty much the same. For this bag, it retails for eur 1550 at this moment. For those of you who live in The Netherlands, you can order/buy this bag easily from deBijenkorf. You can also wait for when it goes on sale like I did ;)