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Five Months Using Safety Razor

It has been about five months since I ordered my first safety razor. Prior to using this, I haven’t really stuck to one method of hair removal. I have tried the conventional disposable shaver, epilator, waxing strips, or just plucking one by one with a tweezer when I’m bored. Epilator was my favorite for a while due to the re-growth period. I can go a week without having to bear the pain of epilating my hair (although overtime the pain reduces significantly). But I have way too many in grown hair by doing this method and I don’t want that. I went back for a while to using disposable shaver. It didn’t last that long because I just feel I have to re buy it way too often because it gets dull quick. And I hate doing that. It costs so much money! I hate spending a lot of money at the supermarket for something that is not food.

So I looked into the safety razor territory. Initially, I was skeptical. Also feared I might cut myself very dramatically. And the initial amount of money spend is not just in the tenner category. After deliberating for a few months, I purchased it anyway. I ordered it off of a dutch website and it arrived pretty quickly. Along the razor, I also placed an order for a box of razor for future use. The one I picked from the website was the Merkur 23c one. I figured let’s just follow the most popular one. Now I realized that kind of attitude might not help me in every situation but this one turned out okay. I was kind of regretting not getting the butterfly opening (the one that opens up when you twist on the bottom) but I guess this one is fine too.

Now I’m a convert for always using safety razor as my method of hair removal. I can use this to remove pretty much all the hair I want to be gone. My boyfriend also steals the razor from time to time and he also enjoys using it very much. So far I haven’t cut myself *knock on woods*. But my boyfriend did bleed a little bit whenever he uses the safety razor due to the bumpy texture of his skin on his jawline. But once he did use the disposable one and he cut himself even worse. So I guess using this is still a winner even for him.

I wished I was brave to travel with this but I just couldn’t do that. Especially through Amsterdam Schiphol because they are very strict. I swear they can even smell the razor blade. Also I haven’t found a place to buy razor blades in store except Aesop. I ended up having to splurge in Kuala Lumpur for a very bougie razor blades because I did pack the safety razor with me but not the blade. So anyone with tips and trick on how to travel with safety razor along with razor blade is very much welcome.

Worst Buy: 2016

I only have one thing on this list: COS Crossover V-neck Dress.

It’s the worst I have spent my money on in the year of 2016. So I went to Amsterdam for a conference. But since the conference started super early, I didn’t want to take the ghost train early in the morning from Eindhoven to Amsterdam for one a half hour. I decided to stay over at my friend’s place in Amsterdam the night before. Genius idea!

So I packed my bag knowing that I will only spend two nights in Amsterdam (it was a two-day conference). I packed very minimally because I didn’t want to carry a lot of stuff along with me. I thought to myself that I can re-wear the same outfit for both of the conference days. Wrong! So I had to resort to my emergency t-shirt to layer underneath my sweater to stay fresh.

But then, I somehow made plan with other friends to hang out in Amsterdam the next day after the conference. I ended up sleeping over at the same place, which means I extended my stay in Amsterdam. So I decided to buy new clothes due to minimalism gone wrong.

At that time, I was looking for to purchase a new dress. It felt like good timing to buy a dress at that time. I settled with one from COS because it looks cool and it was on discount. The first day of wearing it, I felt great. But after it went to the washing machine, I got nervous. It has lost it’s shape and it wrinkles like mad. I’m not the master of ironing but I’m not that shit either, but this dress just won’t cooperate! So after that initial wear, I have not worn it ever again. I’m not even sure where the dress is right now.

This is how the dress looks:


I’m still so mad at myself because I think I paid either 40 or 60 euro for that dress.

Mulberry Bow Clutch


About a year and a half ago, my mom, deo, and I paid a visit to Roermond. If you live in The Netherlands, you might be familiar with Roermond. It’s just a small village with an outlet shopping center near the train station. My mom is a big fan of the place because of the discount that they offer. The brands that the outlet carries are also not that bad. To me, the most important shop there is Mulberry. Which is where I got my first Mulberry leather good ever. This Mulberry piece has a special place in my heart because I bought it off of my first month working full-time salary.

After watching Light By Coco’s What’s In My Bag video, I was interested in looking for a similar bag like the one she showed (Ferragamo Miss Vara Clutch). After doing my research, I found that Mulberry does a similar style bag within their famous Bayswater line. Which is basically like the one I purchased, but instead of a bow on the front, it has a classic Mulberry postman lock instead. I was not prepared to find the Bow Clutch at the Mulberry outlet boutique in Roermond. I was simply going in just for the sake of it. Mulberry is a luxurious brand that I have always liked. Their Alexa satchel can be dubbed as my dream bag since forever ago. When I saw the Bow Clutch significantly cheaper than the retail price (about €200 off), I was starting to think the possibility of purchasing this bag (or clutch). So I left the store to give myself sometime to think about it. I think about 15 minutes later, I found myself back in the store waiting for the SA to fetch me a new Mulberry Bow Clutch in black. Which until this date I still don’t regret buying.

I mainly use this clutch as a cross body bag whenever I don’t need to carry a lot of things with me. I’m not that high maintenance whenever I go out other than work, so this small clutch is most of the time sufficient to carry my belongings. I can fit my phone, my wallet (more like card case), my keys, a lip balm, and my earbuds in the clutch. All those items are what I usually needs to carry with me. This is however not sufficient for work because as you can see, there’s no way in hell I would fit my agenda in it.

The clutch is secured with two buttons on the opposite side of the edge of the clutch. I actually prefer the postman lock but it’s not a deal breaker for me. My clutch is in the soft leather rather than the small grain one. Which is actually unfortunate because it’s more prone of scratching. But for the past year and a half, mine has held up so good because I sprayed it with the leather protect spray regularly and have coated it with the leather balm once. Like I said, I wear mine usually as a cross body bag because it comes with a detachable chain. You can wear this clutch as a normal clutch, a shoulder bag, or a cross body bag. So it’s quite versatile, really. For my height (163 cm), I find the chain is quite long so I’m still contemplating on shortening the chain to a bag repair store.

But all in all, I’m thoroughly happy with my clutch. I did show some interest to the famous Chanel Wallet on Chain but I don’t think I will ever in my life justify the purchase of that one. It’s just so much money! Although this one from Mulberry ain’t cheap either but it’s no Chanel price tag :P


Color • Black
Material • Calf skin leather
Height • 11.5 cm
Width • 20 cm
Depth • 2 cm
Shoulder drop • 61 cm

Grana Cashmere First Impression

It finally happened! I placed my first Grana order about a week or two ago. This year I pledged to myself to purchase a cashmere sweater to trial how warm can it be for cold winter days. Zara was my go-to store to get knitwear but they’re mostly made out of polyester which I ended up having to wear with a cotton long sleeve t-shirt underneath. To be honest, my main reason of avoiding ordering from Grana is that I don’t want to pay the shipping tax. Because I know, the tax can cost me as much as a new pair of jeans. But one night, I was in the ‘what-the-heck’ mood and I finally braved myself to make an order.

The shipment was incredibly fast noting that it came from Hong Kong. And surprise surprise (not really), I did have to pay tax for my order. I had to pay €31.69 for an order that cost me €80.10. That is around 37.5% of the price of the cashmere sweater itself. So I ended up paying more than 110 euro for everything. For that reason, this is probably the only thing I would ever order from Grana. I didn’t regret my order, but I would probably prefer to find an alternative to anything else I want to get from Grana in the future that is easier to get hold of. Although I really appreciate that DHL made it easy for me to pay for the tax. I was able to pay it online with my credit card so when I received the shipment, there’s no more faff with money.

For the quality of cashmere itself, I have to give you a disclaimer that I never had any kind of cashmere goods before this one. So I won’t be able to compare the quality of Grana cashmere to other brands. On first try, I found it’s quite itchy. But after a while, I don’t find that’s the case anymore. Also on the second time I wore it, I no longer feel the itchiness anymore. And in terms of warmth, it’s warmer than my other sweaters but not as warm as I had hoped for. But I think, it’s my expectation that is on fault because I get really cold when it’s actually not that cold. So I might be an anomaly here. I also find that it retains warmth. So after playing a little bit of ping pong during lunch break at work, I still can feel the warmth until 4pm which is 3 hours after I’m back to sitting on my desk.


The exact sweater I purchased was the Cashmere Crew Neck version in the color black in size S. I was thinking about getting a bigger size or the boyfriend cut but I have been wearing a lot of slouchy sweaters so I’d like to find something that’s more form fitting. As you can see on the picture, the size small fits me nicely. I usually go for the smallest size when it comes to clothes but I think Asian sizing is smaller so I went for S instead of XS.

The sweater didn’t come on its own. Inside the package, I also received a sweater comb to remove pills and a tote bag. I appreciate the extra goodies that come with my order. Oh! I also got handwritten a note from Grana employee, which is always nice.

I can’t really say anything about how it wash, because I haven’t tried washing my sweater yet. I will soon though! So I will update this post with my experience on hand washing cashmere for the first time. Stay tuned!

You can get 10% off of your first order if you use this link and I would receive €18 store credit. Please don’t think that you have to use my link, but it’s there when you need it ;)