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January Buy


2018 started off pretty good. The amount of money spent in this month is significantly low than last month. Also in the beginning until mid month I spent very little time on online window shopping. Deo and I are binge watching GoT so there’s no time to even use my laptop at home after work. And reading has also been my opted activity to spend my time instead of being glued to my laptop/phone.

Like I mentioned in my last post that I set a budget for this year’s shopping spree. And out of that budget, I spent €30 for a boucle blazer from Zara. It’s one of those Chanel look a like. I have always wanted one. Especially after watching so many videos of Winnie Y on YouTube (if you haven’t seen her vlogs, go watch them if you fancy). But there’s no budget for a Chanel one. Also I don’t think I would want to spend the money for a Chanel blazer/jacket. My true love is more for luxury handbags than clothes or even other accessories.

I bought the blazer on 11th of January and so far have worn it for 5 times (I logged every piece of clothing item I wore in January). I might do a post about how I log what I wore every single day in January and also share my learnings. Because I purged some clothes out of my system due to finally learning how each item made me feel.

I hope this low buy can keep going throughout 2018.

Leftover budget: €2970

Last Purchase of 2016


So I’m closing the year of 2016 with a very extravagant purchased fueled by an e-mail saying the sale has begun. It has been a quest of mine to find a good every day handbag ever since I sold my beloved Mulberry Bayswater. I did experience the unwanted seller regrets but I know deep down that it’s wise to sell it rather than to keep it. After owning the bag for a while, I have finally learnt that a top handle bag doesn’t suit my lifestyle nor my style.

That experience taught me that a messenger or a satchel would suit me better for a daily usage. One time I was gifted a knock-off of Mulberry Alexa and ever since owning it, I did use it non-stop until it fell apart. I also learned that I like having an organized bag. Pockets are my friends. I like to have a designated area for every item I carry. Phone goes into the back pocket, card holder goes into the inside zipper pocket, etc. Also I favor more for slouchier bags than structured ones. I think because I have more of a casual tomboy style so having a structured bag feel too formal to me.

There are a few bags that I have been eyeing to purchase but ended up settling for Proenza Schouler PS1. One of the reasons is because I scored such a good deal on it. 40% off of retail price is not bad at all. But also because compare to the other bags that I have in mind, PS1 offers more organizational space than the rest. My main favorite pocket is the one on the back that is against my body when I use it. It’s so handy to keep cellphone, keys, or my most used cards. Things that I need to take in and out so often. I also like the length of the strap. The others are either too long or too short for me.

Maybe I should stop reviewing the bag for now and save my opinions for later. I would like have a review up on this bag once I use it more. All in all, I’m very happy about this purchase. Although it’s quite grand, I have a really good feeling about it. Now it’s time to store my credit card in the freezer for the next 6 months.

Shopping Diary: June 2016


This month just got really expensive from deBijenkorf order that I made after receiving an email that they’re having sales. I remember that it was still early in the morning and I was on my way to work checking my email and there it was, a lovely mail saying that their sale season just begun. Other than that, everything else seems to be maintainable. And I did acquire beautiful pieces and a pair of shoes that I have been eyeing since a long time ago.

I will start with clothes and accessories and continue on with some beauty products that I bought in June.

Samsoe & Samsoe Lida Linen T-Shirt

I even reviewed this t-shirt previously on my blog (here). Everything about this t-shirt is beautiful. Glad that I can snatch it up for 30% off with no extra unwanted holes. It looks really chic and it doesn’t make me feel like I’m wearing home clothes outside. RRP €59.00. Paid €41.30.


Isabel Marant Etoile Dicker Boots in Taupe

This pair of shoes have been in my radar for quite sometime. I did see them go on sale last year but didn’t have the budget to purchase at that time. So they have taken a back seat until they went for sale for 30% off. I also wanted other pair of boots than black. So I went for taupe instead, although they do have the black one on sale too. I know that suede can be difficult to maintain but I kind of like the worn in look of suede booties. And no worries, I sprayed suede guard spray prior using. RRP €370.00. Paid €259.00.

Urban Decay Brow Beater in Dark

My Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown bit the dust in the end of May. I was trying not to buy another brow pencil but I kind of miss having one at the ready. They are just so easy to use. The shade from Urban Decay matches my hair color spot on. But it’s so dang pricey. It costs less than the Anastasia but it provides much much less product inside. I was kind of bummed about that so I think I will look for another alternative rather than repurchasing. RRP €21.00. Paid €21.00.

Total spent: €321.30.

I also bought a shed load amount of lipsticks from Kiko that I will be giving away to family members when I land in Indonesia. As well as some slippers from Primark because they are just very comfortable and fluffy. And I basically brought my body weight in chocolate and cookies to also give away to family and friends. Eid Al-Fitr (which also known as sugar festival in Netherlands) is basically all about the sugar high. And delicious foods.