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Spring Outfit 12


Who’s this girl????

I feel like a different person in this dress. In a good way. I walk different, I talk different, and I sit different. I read a piece on when Leandra Medine wrote clothes are like tattoos. To quote her;

I called clothes “temporary tattoos” because they let me say whatever I wanted without words, then take those comments back. “No decision is irrevocable,” I would preach. I marveled in the opportunity to be anyone I wanted to be whenever I wanted to be her. -Leandra Medine

And today I want to say that I’m a woman who lives in St. Tropez with her husband and her twins. I bet women there don’t dress like me hahahaha.

The two last buttons were left unbuttoned to show a little bit of skin when I’m walking. This way, I feel like I’m walking on a red carpet all day every day.

By the way, I spent the whole elevator ride today to remember when I bought these shoes. Was it 2013? Or 2014? I still can’t remember! But I bought them when I was sooo into watching chriiissstttine on YouTube. She has/had a pair from Steve Madden I believe. So one birthday I treated myself with a pair of these and they’ve stayed with me ever since! Still very comfortable.

Outfit details:
– Zara dress
– Sacha shoes

Spring Outfit 11


This photo was taken in Roermond in front of a stranger’s house after hours and hours of walking around. I can report back that I have found a comfortable pair of ballerinas that don’t give me blisters!!! Which only makes me want to buy more colors. Maybe silver and red?

Deo wasn’t very supportive with how I look today. Please dont @ him, he’s not at all ashamed of walking with me. He’s just not very into the all black ensemble. Can you imagine if I already have the red ballet flats? They would look so good with this outfit. Please stop me from online shopping…

By the way, do you think I need to smile less on my outfit photos? Asking for a friend.

Outfit details:
– Carhartt jacket
– River Island jeans
– Unisa ballerinas
– Celine luggage tote

Spring Ouftit 10


This t-shirt was once belonged to my uncle. He had to stash some of his belongings at my parent’s house whilst he was moving houses. And he seemed to forgot about this t-shirt so I adopted it from him. I don’t think it’s an official merchandise or anything but the quality of this t-shirt is impeccable! It’s possibly the softest t-shirt I have ever worn. Mark my words, I will never get rid of this tee.

In all honesty, I don’t know when is the best time to wear a trench coat. To me it’s not warm enough for temperature around 15-20 degrees Celsius but then too hot for > 20. I feel like I should figure out more ways to utilize this coat because I love the color so much!

Outfit details:
– MANGO trench coat
– Zara jeans
– Unisa ballerinas

Spring Outfit 9


If denim on denim is a Canadian tux, what would white on white be?

Lately I have been feeling uninspired when I’m at home after work. My husband is a very busy man lately. He took up a freelance job to help his friend out whilst still having to work on his own stuff at home. Which means, we talk/do something together less and less. And the importance of having a hobby has never been more apparent to me. I do read quite a bit now. But out of the 8 waking hours at home, I can’t spend the whole 8 on reading. I’m just not that kind of girl anymore.

So I turned to cleaning/decluttering my home. I’m also trying to rejig the whole situation. I’ve been living here for more than a year and I don’t think I have made a conscious effort to make it homey. There are still a lot that I can do. Do you guys have any tips on redecorating on a budget? I’d like to hear if you do!

Outfit details:
– Selected Femme t-shirt
– H&M denim culottes
– Unisa ballet flats