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Spring Outfit 8

IMG_2765 IMG_2766

Another bathroom selfie, whadduppppp?!!

This outfit was worn a week ago. In reality, a day after outfit 7. I just forgot that I drafted this post hahaha. I hate the fact that the knee areas are baggy already after only a few wear. Which means the only way to rectify this is by putting them in the wash. Have I mentioned how I dislike washing jeans? If not, I don’t like washing jeans as much as I don’t like eating bread for dinner. I’ll do it if I have to.

Outfit details:
– Primark utility jacket
– Samsoe & Samsoe t-shirt
– COS jeans
– Nike pegasus sneakers

Spring Outfit 7


I apologize for the, lack of better word, ugly tiles. I really need to sort my living situation to accommodate mirror selfie without showing a stack of unfolded clean laundry. In the morning I went to work with my Zara coat but going back home the coat wasn’t necessary anymore. The temperature went as high as 18 degrees!

This pair of jeans is a byproduct of me being bored in Indonesia one day having nothing to do. So I frayed the hem to kill time. I used this video as a guide. The cardigan is also an oldie (but a goodie). It was purchased by the end of 2015. I needed a cardigan to wear at work when it’s chilly.

By the way, I just counted all my clothes (excluding socks, underwear, and shoes) and my tally is around 60. I feel like it’s more than enough to make enough outfit variations to not bore me for the foreseeable future. Maybe I should do a series of wardrobe inventory posts. It would be good to use this blog as my digital documentation.

Outfit details:
– Uniqlo blouse
– CK Jeans cardigan
– COS jeans
– Hermes belt
– Isabel Marant Etoile dicker boots

Spring Outfit 6


I’m on a roll, aren’t I? With posting these ootd photos. Don’t worry, if you’re tired with them already I’m probably gonna stop soon due to laziness hahaha.

This morning I made a quick outfit change once I stepped out of the door. I initially wanted to wear a white pair of culottes but decided against that. The ground was wet so I don’t think my white pants will survive. I instantly swapped my bottom to a pair of dress pants and a pair of oxfords to match. These shoes have been with me since 2015.

Outfit details:
– Uniqlo breton top
– Uniqlo smart ankle length pants
– Tods oxfords

Spring Outfit 5



This should have been outfit number 4 instead of 5 and number 4 should have been number 5 instead of 4. Does that first sentence confuse you? Hahahaha. So yea I wore this outfit earlier than the latest post but I forgot to post it on my blog. This photo was taken during my drone crash course in a park nearby. Deo lent me his drone for my work trip to Alicante so I can take photos and videos so he wanted to prep me to reduce the possibility of crashing his drone. Don’t worry, nothing crazy happened to the drone.

Still trying to break in the shoes. I miss having Converse all stars high tops. My previous pair was so battered that I had to leave them in Thailand during my trip last year. Some people swear by Vans but I’m more of a Converse girl. Although I was so close to purchasing a pair of Vans Old Skool but I held my ground. I went for CDG Play x Converse instead. I really need to update my purchased items list on this blog.

Outfit details:
– Uniqlo down jacket
– Maison Labiche sweatshirt
– GSTAR Raw jeans
– CDG Play x Converse sneakers