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Marrakesh Trip Day 2

Disclaimer, this post will be pictures heavy because for once I actually remember to take a lot of pictures during my vacation.

First things first, meet my friends!


We took this picture on our first stop to take pictures of the scenery of our Sahara trip. There were a lot of cacti and the view was so breathtaking. We left pretty early to it was still quite chilly (in a good way).


Everything is red here! Marrakesh has a nickname of “Red City” because at some point, the buildings were constructed by red sandstone.


We passed Col du Tichka on our way to Ouarzazate, which is a city where we’re going to have lunch. Ouarzazate is located right between High Atlas and Anti Atlas of Atlas mountain of course.


Picture above is Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou. My guide said this is the place where they shot the movie Gladiator, Asterix and Obelix, as well as Babel. From here we visited Ouarzazate to have lunch. Unfortunately we didn´t visit the old Atlas Studio where they shot Game of Thrones. It would have been epic to have it on my camera.

MRC_1463 copy
MRC_1471 copy

After Ouarzazate we pretty much driving non-stop until we arrived at the Sahara but we managed to stop once to take a picture in the middle of the road. Look at me with a boat load of cameras haha.

MRC_1509 copy

That’s the tent next to the tent we were supposed to sleep in (spoiler alert: we ended up sleeping at the eating room because it was too hot to sleep in the tent). I of course was busy either taking a selfie or recording myself mumbling about how amazing the Sahara is.

MRC_1514 copy

Once we arrived, we immediately took a camel ride for about an hour and then we ended the day with dinner and chit chatting with the guys who live there. I named my camel Coco by the way :)

Marrakesh Trip Day One


My friends and I visited Marrakesh, Morocco from 1st of June until 4th of June.

We flew from Eindhoven at 2pm. This was the first time I had to queue so long in Eindhoven airport. It was until the revolving doors! Also the first time I had to go through immigration when flying from Eindhoven. But it’s to be expected I guess, since I was traveling to other continent.

The flight was a nightmare. My seat was taken by a kid whom nobody claimed. And there was a young girl who screamed and cried the whole plane ride. Note to self: buy noise cancelling headphones.

Marrakesh has a beautiful airport. It’s so new, clean, and modern. Oh, I also acquired another stamp in my passport! Too bad, the passport will expire in 2019. I don’t think I will be able to finish all the pages.


We checked in at the riad and booked our tours for the upcoming days. We were greeted by very delicious mint tea.

Then we headed down to the market square and went into the souk. My friend answered to practically anyone. Dangerous move there. We also kinda got lost in the souk but found our way back ultimately by tracing back where we came from.


When we were back at the market square, we had dinner at one of the terraces. I chose chicken tagine with some potatoes and olives. It was very tasty despite being a tad too salty.

The guy at the terrace insisted that I haven’t given him my 100 dirham note although I am 100% sure that I have. I persisted and he caved, his goodwill came to his senses so he decided not to scam me.

After iftar, the square was filled with people having dinner. Also a lot of people were heading towards Mosque of Ibn Yusuf to have their tarawih prayer together.

We called it a night around 9 to ready ourselves for our sahara trip tomorrow.


First Time Backpack Travel


IMG_1924 IMG_2148

I’M BACK! Well I have been back for almost two weeks now and have been loving my first week back because I had the best week in terms of sleeping pattern. Every time I’m back from vacation, I can easily fall into a deep sleep and wake up very early feeling energized. I was planning on keeping this pattern but sadly Homeland came into my life and I have been binge watching till midnight (still better than I was with Narcos). And since I’m reunited with my laptop I can finally update this dusty corner on the internet with pictures that I took while I was on holiday.

This is the first time I try to travel carry on only for two weeks vacation. Also first time I travel with backpack only for two weeks vacation. I did end up checking my bag a few times but that’s only because I wasn’t short on time and also I did end up purchasing something that is more than 100ml that I have to check in. Next time I do this kind of traveling again I want to try going fully carry on. I didn’t pack much but still have some left over clothes that I did not end up wearing. Same goes with toiletries and makeup. I can be more minimalist next time and I plan on doing so. But I am still proud with how I managed this time. I think I will post a review of the backpack that I ended up bringing for the trip because I remember it was quite an ordeal for me to choose a bag.

I would like to share my packing list for this trip just for those of you who are interested.

For clothes & accessories I brought:
* 3 short sleeve t-shirts
* 1 tank top
* 1 blouse
* 2 jeans shorts
* 1 shift dress
* 1 utility jacket
* 4 socks
* 3 bras
* 7 undies
* 1 set of swimwear
* 1 slip on shoes
* 2 sandals (birkenstocks and flip flop)
* 1 cross body bag
* 1 backpack
While on me I wore:
* 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt
* black tank top
* straight cut jeans
* down jacket
* leather jacket
* converse
* and a set of undergarments of course
For toiletries & makeup I brought:
* shampoo bar
* soap
* massage bar (used as moisturizer)
* sunscreen
* toothbrush + toothpaste
* mascara
* brow powder + gel
* cream blush
* highlighter
* eyeliner pen
* lipstick
* lipbalm
* snorkel
* microfiber towel

There was time when I had to stay longer in Bangkok without our bags because the plan was to visit Bangkok in between our Phuket trip to see my friends from Indonesia whom I haven’t seen in years. Deo decided to take it upon himself to book a room for the night instead of buying a flight ticket back to Phuket the same day. So I was without change clothes that night so I had to purchase some things. And I also went shopping a little bit.

And here is the list of things I bought:
* low top converse: to replace the ones I brought because they were filthy.
* striped dress: for that night in Bangkok that I didn’t plan.
* undies: same as above.
* swimwear: same as above and I wanted to use the pool of the hotel.
* jersey dress
* body lotion
* razor blades
* bum bag: to hold my passport, wallet, and phone when I’m also carrying my massive backpack.

So there you go, complete list of the things I brought and bought with me for my Thailand – Malaysia trip. Oh I also used packing cubes to separate things in my backpack and I can vouch the handiness of using them to organize your stuff when you pack. Try them out if you haven’t. And I realize this post is just getting way too long so I will bid adieu here!

Hot Weather Vacation

Starting from April 3rd until April 16th, I will be away visiting Thailand and Malaysia for my birthday (7th of April). It has been a hot minute since the last time I go on a beach holiday. So far it has been mostly city trips. I was in between destinations when I was planning for my birthday trip. From New York to Tokyo. But due to financial reason, I chose to go to Thailand instead. And while we’re at it, might as well visit Malaysia for a short while.

Out of excitement, I have made several packing lists for my birthday trip. That’s arguably my favorite thing from a vacation, planning what to pack. Although more often than not, I got overwhelmed during packing and disregard my list completely. This time, I plan on packing lighter than light. There’s no need to pack different clothes for every day I’m away. Also my formula for packing is just simple, a breathable t-shirt (short sleeve or no sleeve) and a simple jean shorts (denim or white). A pair of flip flops is crucial to bring too!

I will probably pack a shift dress too just in case I need to dress up a little bit. Although I don’t think I planned on going somewhere fancy during this trip. I just want to stay in water as much as possible and eat the good food. I am also still considering getting a backpack for this trip due to different places that I’m going to visit, it might be handy to just have a backpack on my back rather than dragging a rolling luggage around. Ah, I really can’t wait!