Corsx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid Review

It has been a while since I tried a life changing skincare product, so I feel compelled to write my own 2 cents about my experience on using the Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid as my choice of everyday chemical exfoliant.


Allow me to explain a backstory of my journey/struggle/battle to get rid of my textured nose. Okay, in realness, the texture is solely caused by the abundance of white head habituating my nose. My only attempt to remove them prior using a chemical exfoliant is just using a facial scrub and scrub the heck out of my nose whenever I shower. Every time I’m done showering, my nose feels super smooth, but not for long because those stubborn whiteheads come back in an instant.

So I figure I ought to find a better long term solution for this. I can’t for the life of me remember how I stumbled upon a glowing review of this product. But I do remember that I immediately placed an order after reading said review. I just can’t wait to try if it works.

My bottle was purchased from I believe it’s the most affordable option to buy from if you live in The Netherlands. There are other web-shops you can buy Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid from that will guarantee next day arrival but I wasn’t about to pay 5 euros extra.



I believe on the packaging it’s advised to build up some sort of resistance, so you start with one application every 2-3 days until your skin can take daily application. But I’m nothing but a rebel so from the very beginning I adjusted myself with the once a day application. I do this in the morning after I wash my face with a mild cleanser.

The way I apply this is either I pump a couple of pumps immediately on my hands and just massage the product on my skin or use a cotton round. I switch around between these two application methods because for some reason I get bored for sticking with one hahaha.

So it has been about three weeks since I religiously use the product and I have noticed major improvements. My skin has stayed smooth which allows my makeup to apply better and look better. Although I still avoid putting any kind of makeup on top of my nose out of habit, but the texture has improved significantly. My whiteheads are no longer poppin’.

What I also love about this is how moisturized my skin feels after application. I now remember that I have had a bottle of Clinique exfoliating toner prior using this and although the Clinique one didn’t necessarily make my skin uber dry, it’s not moisturizing either. Unlike the Cosrx one.

So yea, I think I will stick with this bottle and I’ll report back when I’m nearing the end of my bottle.