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I fell into the Theranos hole. At this moment I’m knee deep in the book Bad Blood by John Carreyrou.

That testimonial on the cover by Bill Gates really sums my experience toward this book. I really couldn’t put the book down. I fell asleep last night with my Kindle still on.

Small excerpt about the whole Elizabeth Holmes situation; she is the founder of a company called Theranos that promised people that they can use this simple device to get information about your health only by a small sample of blood. Only a small prick of your finger, they said. She was 19 when she founded the company which made her the youngest self made billionaire in the world according to Forbes.

However, things went south when apparently the whole company operated on lies and deceit. Theranos’ technology has never worked. But Elizabeth was so determined to make this happened which has led her to make decisions that weren’t ethical. The company ultimately shut down by August 2018 and now Elizabeth and her partner are facing potential jail time on the charges of fraud.

Since I’m still reading the book, I can’t give you yet my review about it. But the investigation that John did was so brutal and detailed. This book is definitely a page turner.

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