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February 2019 Shopping

Not going to lie, the month of February was a very expensive month. Back in 2017, I used to own a small blue cross body bag from Celine. The bag has served me well in terms of functionality. However, the color doesn’t really vibe with me. I wasn’t sure what drove me to purchase the bag in the first place. So I sold the bag and planned to replace it with its black version. It took me about a year to finally replace the said bag. So in February, I bought myself a new Celine bag. Not an affordable purchase by any means, but it’s an item that I know I will use and very much functional for my lifestyle.

Other than the bag, I also bought a new cashmere sweater from H&M. After finding out that three of my cashmere sweaters have developed unreasonable sized holes on them. I just had to replace at least one because it got so cold. Unfortunately I broke my no online shopping rule for 2019 because shopping in store is just a nightmare. How do you even find stuff anymore? Also H&M has this Premium Quality line that they just don’t sell in store. Not to mention, shopping online tends to be cheaper.

Onto the last item was a very much needed pair of 20 denier tights. Bought this also from H&M (in store) since it was needed for a party that I attended. I did not take more than 5 minutes to think about this purchase because I have had enough thinking too much about clothes.