First Time Backpack Travel


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I’M BACK! Well I have been back for almost two weeks now and have been loving my first week back because I had the best week in terms of sleeping pattern. Every time I’m back from vacation, I can easily fall into a deep sleep and wake up very early feeling energized. I was planning on keeping this pattern but sadly Homeland came into my life and I have been binge watching till midnight (still better than I was with Narcos). And since I’m reunited with my laptop I can finally update this dusty corner on the internet with pictures that I took while I was on holiday.

This is the first time I try to travel carry on only for two weeks vacation. Also first time I travel with backpack only for two weeks vacation. I did end up checking my bag a few times but that’s only because I wasn’t short on time and also I did end up purchasing something that is more than 100ml that I have to check in. Next time I do this kind of traveling again I want to try going fully carry on. I didn’t pack much but still have some left over clothes that I did not end up wearing. Same goes with toiletries and makeup. I can be more minimalist next time and I plan on doing so. But I am still proud with how I managed this time. I think I will post a review of the backpack that I ended up bringing for the trip because I remember it was quite an ordeal for me to choose a bag.

I would like to share my packing list for this trip just for those of you who are interested.

For clothes & accessories I brought:
* 3 short sleeve t-shirts
* 1 tank top
* 1 blouse
* 2 jeans shorts
* 1 shift dress
* 1 utility jacket
* 4 socks
* 3 bras
* 7 undies
* 1 set of swimwear
* 1 slip on shoes
* 2 sandals (birkenstocks and flip flop)
* 1 cross body bag
* 1 backpack
While on me I wore:
* 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt
* black tank top
* straight cut jeans
* down jacket
* leather jacket
* converse
* and a set of undergarments of course
For toiletries & makeup I brought:
* shampoo bar
* soap
* massage bar (used as moisturizer)
* sunscreen
* toothbrush + toothpaste
* mascara
* brow powder + gel
* cream blush
* highlighter
* eyeliner pen
* lipstick
* lipbalm
* snorkel
* microfiber towel

There was time when I had to stay longer in Bangkok without our bags because the plan was to visit Bangkok in between our Phuket trip to see my friends from Indonesia whom I haven’t seen in years. Deo decided to take it upon himself to book a room for the night instead of buying a flight ticket back to Phuket the same day. So I was without change clothes that night so I had to purchase some things. And I also went shopping a little bit.

And here is the list of things I bought:
* low top converse: to replace the ones I brought because they were filthy.
* striped dress: for that night in Bangkok that I didn’t plan.
* undies: same as above.
* swimwear: same as above and I wanted to use the pool of the hotel.
* jersey dress
* body lotion
* razor blades
* bum bag: to hold my passport, wallet, and phone when I’m also carrying my massive backpack.

So there you go, complete list of the things I brought and bought with me for my Thailand – Malaysia trip. Oh I also used packing cubes to separate things in my backpack and I can vouch the handiness of using them to organize your stuff when you pack. Try them out if you haven’t. And I realize this post is just getting way too long so I will bid adieu here!