Grana Cashmere First Impression

It finally happened! I placed my first Grana order about a week or two ago. This year I pledged to myself to purchase a cashmere sweater to trial how warm can it be for cold winter days. Zara was my go-to store to get knitwear but they’re mostly made out of polyester which I ended up having to wear with a cotton long sleeve t-shirt underneath. To be honest, my main reason of avoiding ordering from Grana is that I don’t want to pay the shipping tax. Because I know, the tax can cost me as much as a new pair of jeans. But one night, I was in the ‘what-the-heck’ mood and I finally braved myself to make an order.

The shipment was incredibly fast noting that it came from Hong Kong. And surprise surprise (not really), I did have to pay tax for my order. I had to pay €31.69 for an order that cost me €80.10. That is around 37.5% of the price of the cashmere sweater itself. So I ended up paying more than 110 euro for everything. For that reason, this is probably the only thing I would ever order from Grana. I didn’t regret my order, but I would probably prefer to find an alternative to anything else I want to get from Grana in the future that is easier to get hold of. Although I really appreciate that DHL made it easy for me to pay for the tax. I was able to pay it online with my credit card so when I received the shipment, there’s no more faff with money.

For the quality of cashmere itself, I have to give you a disclaimer that I never had any kind of cashmere goods before this one. So I won’t be able to compare the quality of Grana cashmere to other brands. On first try, I found it’s quite itchy. But after a while, I don’t find that’s the case anymore. Also on the second time I wore it, I no longer feel the itchiness anymore. And in terms of warmth, it’s warmer than my other sweaters but not as warm as I had hoped for. But I think, it’s my expectation that is on fault because I get really cold when it’s actually not that cold. So I might be an anomaly here. I also find that it retains warmth. So after playing a little bit of ping pong during lunch break at work, I still can feel the warmth until 4pm which is 3 hours after I’m back to sitting on my desk.


The exact sweater I purchased was the Cashmere Crew Neck version in the color black in size S. I was thinking about getting a bigger size or the boyfriend cut but I have been wearing a lot of slouchy sweaters so I’d like to find something that’s more form fitting. As you can see on the picture, the size small fits me nicely. I usually go for the smallest size when it comes to clothes but I think Asian sizing is smaller so I went for S instead of XS.

The sweater didn’t come on its own. Inside the package, I also received a sweater comb to remove pills and a tote bag. I appreciate the extra goodies that come with my order. Oh! I also got handwritten a note from Grana employee, which is always nice.

I can’t really say anything about how it wash, because I haven’t tried washing my sweater yet. I will soon though! So I will update this post with my experience on hand washing cashmere for the first time. Stay tuned!

You can get 10% off of your first order if you use this link and I would receive €18 store credit. Please don’t think that you have to use my link, but it’s there when you need it ;)