Last Purchase of 2016


So I’m closing the year of 2016 with a very extravagant purchased fueled by an e-mail saying the sale has begun. It has been a quest of mine to find a good every day handbag ever since I sold my beloved Mulberry Bayswater. I did experience the unwanted seller regrets but I know deep down that it’s wise to sell it rather than to keep it. After owning the bag for a while, I have finally learnt that a top handle bag doesn’t suit my lifestyle nor my style.

That experience taught me that a messenger or a satchel would suit me better for a daily usage. One time I was gifted a knock-off of Mulberry Alexa and ever since owning it, I did use it non-stop until it fell apart. I also learned that I like having an organized bag. Pockets are my friends. I like to have a designated area for every item I carry. Phone goes into the back pocket, card holder goes into the inside zipper pocket, etc. Also I favor more for slouchier bags than structured ones. I think because I have more of a casual tomboy style so having a structured bag feel too formal to me.

There are a few bags that I have been eyeing to purchase but ended up settling for Proenza Schouler PS1. One of the reasons is because I scored such a good deal on it. 40% off of retail price is not bad at all. But also because compare to the other bags that I have in mind, PS1 offers more organizational space than the rest. My main favorite pocket is the one on the back that is against my body when I use it. It’s so handy to keep cellphone, keys, or my most used cards. Things that I need to take in and out so often. I also like the length of the strap. The others are either too long or too short for me.

Maybe I should stop reviewing the bag for now and save my opinions for later. I would like have a review up on this bag once I use it more. All in all, I’m very happy about this purchase. Although it’s quite grand, I have a really good feeling about it. Now it’s time to store my credit card in the freezer for the next 6 months.