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March 2019 Shopping

Petit Bateau White Tank – If there’s one thing people in Brabant are excited about, you can bet your ass it’s carnival. This thing runs from Friday until Tuesday where people just dress up in costumes and drink from dawn to dusk. Halloween, but not creepy. Halloween, but five freaking days. I do tend to join the festivities at the office though. So I had to buy stuff to dress up according to our theme of the year. This year we’re doing Britney Spears. And I went as Britney from “Me Against the Music” music video. Funnily enough, only a white tank top is what’s missing from my ensemble hahaha so I got this to perfect my outfit.

Cashmere Turtle Neck Sweater – Do you believe me if I say I got bullied by Deo to buy the sweater? Hahaha. It’s hard to believe, I know. I was so stubborn to not spend money on shopping during our Copenhagen trip. But the deal was too good to be true. Maybe you remember when I posted that I’m slowly rebuilding my cashmere collection. And I can’t deny that this is a really good addition. I love the neckline so much. For about €40.00 I feel like I can do worse. It’s annoying to admit to him that he’s right about this purchase haha.

H&M Sweater – The color of this sweater shouts spring to me. It’s actually quite more green/mint irl. And since I live in this kind of sweater, I really don’t mind stocking up. Hoodies and sweaters are what made up my uniform. The material is soft enough to not have to wear anything underneath. I’m happy I branch out of my neutral zone.

G-Star RAW Cargo Pants – Last week Deo told me to kick him if he buys another top instead of pants. So I also told him please kick me if I buy another pair of pants instead of tops. But guess what, we went shopping and he bought himself another hoodie whilst I purchased myself these cargo pants. I’ve been looking for a pair though but I thought I had my eye set on the Daily Paper pair. However, their branding on the pants is just too obnoxious. Also I scored these pants for half off.

So yea, March is the month when I shop the most so far. Hopefully April will chill out a bit. But it’s my birthday month so I’m not too optimistic about not treating myself hahaha.