Marrakesh Trip Day One


My friends and I visited Marrakesh, Morocco from 1st of June until 4th of June.

We flew from Eindhoven at 2pm. This was the first time I had to queue so long in Eindhoven airport. It was until the revolving doors! Also the first time I had to go through immigration when flying from Eindhoven. But it’s to be expected I guess, since I was traveling to other continent.

The flight was a nightmare. My seat was taken by a kid whom nobody claimed. And there was a young girl who screamed and cried the whole plane ride. Note to self: buy noise cancelling headphones.

Marrakesh has a beautiful airport. It’s so new, clean, and modern. Oh, I also acquired another stamp in my passport! Too bad, the passport will expire in 2019. I don’t think I will be able to finish all the pages.


We checked in at the riad and booked our tours for the upcoming days. We were greeted by very delicious mint tea.

Then we headed down to the market square and went into the souk. My friend answered to practically anyone. Dangerous move there. We also kinda got lost in the souk but found our way back ultimately by tracing back where we came from.


When we were back at the market square, we had dinner at one of the terraces. I chose chicken tagine with some potatoes and olives. It was very tasty despite being a tad too salty.

The guy at the terrace insisted that I haven’t given him my 100 dirham note although I am 100% sure that I have. I persisted and he caved, his goodwill came to his senses so he decided not to scam me.

After iftar, the square was filled with people having dinner. Also a lot of people were heading towards Mosque of Ibn Yusuf to have their tarawih prayer together.

We called it a night around 9 to ready ourselves for our sahara trip tomorrow.