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Must haves but not to me

When you start looking for articles to help you to build a capsule wardrobe, some mentioned a few must haves or foundation items to build your capsule wardrobe. It’s a good guideline, but eventually you still need to adjust it to your own needs. Since I’m starting a new job, I have been on a mission to rebuild my work wardrobe. I want to look more neat on the daily but still match with my laid back co-workers. So I have been reading up more about capsule wardrobe.

However, when I look back on how I dress daily, I know a thing or two that usually mentioned on the must have list that won’t work with my lifestyle. And that’s totally fine. I used to try really hard to fit those items into my life. Sometimes inconveniencing myself on the process. Or making myself uncomfortable, like making myself feeling too cold or too warm. But now I have come to terms that I don’t have to follow those ‘rules’ to the t. I just want to document which items are not usable for my everyday life so I can look back one day and not beat myself to it when I see an item that I rarely wear.


Blazers always got a mentioned on a wardrobe foundation list. And I do have one in my arsenal myself. I like how I look when I wear it. However, it doesn’t belong in my own capsule wardrobe list. The reason why is because I have 0 clue on how to wear a blazer and a jacket/coat combo. And to me, blazer is not something I can wear as the only outerwear because it doesn’t provide enough coverage nor warmth.

As much as I understand how versatile a good blazer can be. It just doesn’t work with my own lifestyle. I have been trialing wearing a blazer for a few days and I still haven’t found my aha moment with it. I will still keep the one I have though for the occasional time that I can wear it. It’s just not a must for me.

Trench coats

Love how so effortlessly chic this coat looks on other women. Which made me want to own one (and I do). But I don’t wear it as often as I’d like. Here’s my problem, it’s a mid length jacket which made me feel like it’s more appropriate for when it’s slightly chilly. But… when it’s that cold, I’d go for a proper coat instead. Because, you know, cold. Whilst when it’s not that chilly, I’d prefer to wear a short jacket because for me warmer temperature means casual dressing. Sooo… yeah I don’t think I will be investing on a proper Burberry trench anytime soon. I thought I need one, while in fact, I don’t.


They look so delicate and feminine and so perfect for when the temperature skyrocketed. Not gonna lie, trying one makes me feel so pretty. But I can’t for the life of me gather the courage to wear it outside. I just don’t feel comfortable in it, which then leads to not feeling confident. Also what do you wear underneath? I can technically go with nothing since I don’t necessarily need a lot of support but I just feel extremely exposed. I feel self conscious wearing a camisole outside.

So although this usually go into the must have list, I can’t agree for a camisole to be in my must have list. And yeah, of course I also have it in my closet hahaha you gotta try to know that it doesn’t work. Right?

I’m very happy to be able to learn what works and what doesn’t. Making my own list is always fun instead of just blindly following what the internet tells me. Although I’m happy that at least I can use them as guidelines to start my own capsule wardrobe.