New In: SK-II Skin Treatment Essence

For the past few years, my mom has been upping her skincare game. She wasn’t slacking before but since a year or two ago she has grown curious for the new products on the market. Or the cult favorite that she hasn’t tried. In November 2016, she scored herself a deal for the SK-II Skin Treatment Essence and ever since using the essence she has noticed good results. So whenever she told me about her experience using the essence, I told her I’m also curious on testing it out myself. And somehow, she asked a friend of mine who was visiting Indonesia to bring her bottle to give to me. And now I have a massive bottle of SK-II Skin Treatment Essence to try out. How exciting! Thanks mom!


First impression:

The first time I poured the liquid out of the bottle, I enjoyed the smell. But a few seconds later, the smell changed into something not so pleasant. I even asked her if it’s actually smell like feet after a few seconds or did the bottle go bad during transport. But she said, it does smell the same for her and she said it shouldn’t expire until 2019. I was bothered by it in the beginning, but not anymore.

For the first few uses, I poured the essence straight to my palms and just tap the essence onto my clean skin. But now, I use cotton rounds to swipe the essence across my face. I’m not sure which one I prefer yet since using cotton rounds leads to so much waste but I hate getting my palms sticky. So I will still test out the product for the foreseeable future and report back on my blog. But look at that bottle though!