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New Shoes Although I Said No More Shoes in 2019

So yea. The title says it all I guess.

One of my 19 of 2019 is to not buy new shoes. A pledge I successfully kept until mid April 2019. Believe me, there were weak moments when I ordered a pair of boots from Zalando and then quickly cancelled the order because I came to my senses about 2 seconds after I hit order. But I eventually caved for a pair of wedges espadrilles. Which to be fair I have wanted for at least a year if not two.

I was waiting for the longest time for Zalando to stock up the black pair. Because I felt like that’s the only sensible choice for me and my style. Not to mention that black requires zero to low maintenance effort. But I ended up going for the cream colored shoes instead since the choice from Zalando is only that or navy. And I thoroughly enjoy shopping from Zalando due to their customer service.

Size wise, I went for 37 instead of 38. I thought for the longest time that I’m a true 38. But I have been buying 37 shoes for my last few shoe purchases so I don’t even know what size my feet are anymore. I guess, 37.5? At least with this size my feet don’t flop around in the shoes when I walk.

Since I haven’t had these for long, I can’t vouch for the durability. However, despite the height they’re plenty comfortable. I road tested these shoes for walking around for > 13.000 steps and didn’t notice discomfort on my arch. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for the bottom of my feet. The canvas rubs my feet uncomfortably so I might need to add some kind of foot petals to fix this.

Also after wearing them for 3 days in a row, they’re no longer look as crips so I have cleaned them with some soapy water using toothbrush. I might need to do this quite frequently but I don’t really mind that. I guess as I grow older I’m starting to see the small things really do make an outfit.

So yea, this is going to be my Summer shoes of choice. I feel very feminine and put together when I wear them and that’s something I missed in my Summer wardrobe.