Non Summery Summer Outfits

How’s the weather where you are? Here is kind of weird. Are we officially in Summer yet? Because it’s only warm one day a week in this city. With very breezy morning which revoked my shorts wearing option.

So I’ve been super overwhelmed with my Summer wardrobe planning. There are so many cute dresses out there that I want to buy. Which I also did but ended up returning almost all of them (I kept one, I posted a photo of me wearing it already).

I’ve been saving a lot of French girls outfit photos on Instagram in the hope of to be able to dress like them. But whoamIkidding, I’m not French. Nor do I wear clothes like that. I mean, I can forego wearing bra like all of them are but some outfits are just not practical.

So I stripped all nonsense and somewhat came up with a rule of dressing to myself. I’ll only wear black. And restrict myself with only wearing black t-shirt + black jeans combo. Which means, I have been dressing like this lately.



Very colorful indeed.

So far I feel pretty good about this. I mean I still think about clothes, but no longer what to buy. Also getting dressed has been pretty easy. But now I think more about makeup hahaha.

I’m not sure how long I would like to do this all black ensemble, is this an experiment? Or lifestyle choice? I still have to decide on that.

This also means I’m going to refrain from posting my outfits because I wear the exact same thing everyday. On good days, I even wear the exact same t-shirt two days in a row (if my pits aren’t that sweaty hahaha). So no need to update on boring stuff rightttt.