Proenza Schouler PS1 Review


The bag has been in my possession ever since December 2016. I have been utilizing this bag quite a lot and it immediately reached the status of being my go-to bag ever since purchase date.

My most favorite thing about the bag is the amount of compartments that it has. Also the schoolboy satchel look works really well with my wardrobe. I have been switching up between tying a knot on the strap (as how the bag came initially) and let the knot loose. I think with the ‘shorter’ strap, the bag can give more of a feminine look. But when I want to rock the comme des garçon style then I just let the strap loose.

I have been waiting for my bag to slouch like other people’s bags I’ve seen on the internet. But surprisingly, mine still hold it’s shape despite being used so many times, carrying so many different shape items. The leather is quite thick so I haven’t noticing any significant slouch look. I have developed some marks on the back of the bag from placing it on my bike basket but that’s totally because of my ‘fault’. The hardware also still as pristine as when I bought it!

One cons that I can mention is sometimes the clasp of the strap got stuck on the lapel of the bag, which can result in scratching the leather.

My bag is the Proenza Schouler PS1 medium in navy with silver hardware. In terms of dimensions, it’s Length: 12.5″ Width: 4″ Height: 8.5″ and Strap length: 22″ / 9″ drop. This bag won’t fit an A4 map so don’t force it if it won’t fit. They also have the plus version with some different details but the shape is pretty much the same. For this bag, it retails for eur 1550 at this moment. For those of you who live in The Netherlands, you can order/buy this bag easily from deBijenkorf. You can also wait for when it goes on sale like I did ;)