Shoe Collection: Sneakers

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Adidas Stan Smith

Pro tip: buy kids version instead of adult version to save some bucks. Although the lapel of the shoes are different. The ones for kids are cushioned whilst the ones for adults are leather. Whichever you prefer, Adidas Stan Smith is a great sneakers to have. I am not saying any of my shoes are must haves for anybody out there because every person is different. But I would repurchase whenever this pair dies on me.

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Converse All Stars

If there’s a holy grail sneakers for me, this pair is the one. Either low top or high top, or both?! My very first pair of Converse All Star were when I was in kindergarten and I don’t think I have been without ever since. I remember when I used to actually play basketball in them with blistery feet. Ah good times…

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Converse Pro Mid

On the same day these shoes arrived, my coworker accidentally spilled sweet liquor on one shoe. And you know… these shoes are suede… So there’s still ugly mark on one shoe that surprisingly only I can see.

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Superga Cotu

One pair of sneakers that I wished I didn’t have. I bought it during my holiday because it was cheaper than in The Netherlands. I coveted the shoes about three years ago. Now I know why I put off buying them for so long. The tongue area of the shoes are not long enough or tall enough to wear normal socks. I have to wear no show socks with them or else I’d just look weird. Also unfortunately, the cushion of the shoes are not that comfortable. I find the bottom of my feet hurting a lot after a long period of time wearing them. But I’d keep them for now if I can somehow make it work.

Now that I think of it, I actually still have two other pairs of sneakers. Lol. What a fail. So the rest of the collection will be using images I have found on my Instagram account.



I have zero clue what’s the shoes called. Deo bought them for me for my placeholder birthday gift before the actual birthday gift in 2015. I don’t wear them often because 1) they’re suede and 2) they’re a gift. So I don’t want to ruin them with accidental liquor spills.


Nike Pegasus

Excuse the weird photo of choice. I miss that Mulberry Bayswater very much. I don’t really know whether or not I’m experiencing a seller regret since I know it’s a good decision to not have a luxury bag that doesn’t suit my lifestyle but god damn that bag is beautiful. Ok back to the shoes. I purchased this pair to replace my old exercise shoes. So I don’t really wear them out and about that often. More when I go to the gym (which is not that often) or when I play football (around once a week). Very good cushioning!