Shoes Collection: Ballet Flats

Onto the ballet flats category…

Me and ballet flats or ballerinas, we don’t get along. The amount of blisters I got from them initially will never compensate the comfort that I will get from them eventually. Because they will never be as comfortable as I want them to be. I don’t know why I still don’t want to forfeit from the pursue of a pair of comfortable black ballerinas. Maybe because I love how easy to slip in and out of them as well as looking more feminine.

FullSizeRender 6

Minnetonka Kilty Softsoles moccasins

Another pair of shoes that I have had for about three years now. This pair of flats are actually quite comfortable. I did get a blister or two on my first outing but not anymore. My boyfriend calls them my Pocahontas shoes. I used to have a pair prior to these ones from Forever 21 that I panic bought in Indonesia. And as a true nature of Forever 21 goodies, they did not last. So I upgraded them to the real deal Minnetonka pair.

I, however, need to figure out a way to tie the mothereffing bow to never ever come loose again whenever I wear them. Maybe I should just hot glue the knot.

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Charles & Keith basic pump

Still on the breaking in period… Which feels like forever… I just can’t make these kinds of shoes work for my feet. They’re less bad than the others that I have had in the past though. I will keep them for the time being or else, I will ‘donate’ them to my cousins in Indonesia.