Spending Fast Update #1

First week of spending fast has passed and it was pretty okay in terms of frivolous shopping. But I did eat out twice and ordered in once. This is due to Deo being on holiday for 9 days. Meaning, I have to cook for myself. The thing is, I don’t mind cooking. Not at all. Unless, it’s for myself. I haven’t been cooking for one for so long and suddenly it felt like it’s too much effort. So even though I still did cook (I made steak 3 times a week), I cooked less than I usually do.

Also something unusual that I had to spend my money on is I had to top up my transportation card since Deo and I went to an outlet village before he left for his holiday. So that’s €20 that I usually don’t spend often. And this week was one of my closest friend’s birthday so I had to chip in for a birthday gift for him.

Buuuut, I still managed to have 2 zero spending days last week! That would be Monday and Saturday. On Monday I just cooked pasta with some leftover sauce and on Saturday my friends bought some supplies which in return, I cooked for them. And a package arrived from Mango which I ordered last week and I immediately decided to return them. I really don’t need long camel coat for now. Do I want it? Yes, yes, and yes. But I probably don’t need it. Also when I took it out of the box I didn’t feel as excited as when I ordered it so back to the store it went.

So yes, that’s how my week in finance, basically. On another note, this is the first time that Deo went on holiday without me, not to mention it’s 9 freaking days! So for the past week I have been watching more tv than I have been in the last 10 years (we just got the tv hooked up to the cable). Also I experienced eating at a sushi restaurant alone (I enjoyed it), the server was so confused when I asked for a table for one.

And last week I finished another audiobook from Aziz Anzari called Modern Romance. Which I ‘bought’ with the free trial credit from Audible a year ago. Last year when I first tried listening to the book I felt like listening to a thesis report but I ended up enjoying it the second time around. I mostly listen when I walk from home to work (about 20 minutes, 40 in total).

That’s a wrap! I’ll report back next week :)