Spending Fast

I know it’s a bit premature to do new year resolutions post, but why wait if you’re trying to implement good habit?

So starting from last Monday (November 13th, 2017), I’m officially on a spending fast. This decision was sparked from listening to The Minimalists audiobook when I was in Lisbon last week. I admire how everything can be simplified so I’m going to start on my finance. My end date is my going to be April 7th, 2018 also known as my birthday! For someone who likes to read a lot of personal finance blogs, I’m quite terrible in terms of setting a rational budget. Therefore I’m going cold turkey.

Rules are pretty simple, I just can’t buy anything other than food. No clothes, no shoes, and no beauty products. Except when it’s a hygiene product. I’m sure nobody wants me around if I can’t brush my teeth just because I ran out of toothpaste and not wanting to repurchase due to this challenge.

To add onto the list of what I can’t buy is also stuff for the house. My apartment has been going through a major improvement for the past two months so I think I can live like this until the end of the spending fast.

However, I have another exception that I have to make. I know I know, I just started this challenge but I’m already ‘failing’. The one exception that I have to make is for my wedding bands. Deo and I are still on the lookout for our wedding bands for our wedding in March. So yea, one ring for me is allowed because I’m getting fucking married.

So there you go! I will make it my mission to update on my blog every week on how this challenge progressing. Wish me luck guys!