Spring Outfit 12


Who’s this girl????

I feel like a different person in this dress. In a good way. I walk different, I talk different, and I sit different. I read a piece on manrepeller.com when Leandra Medine wrote clothes are like tattoos. To quote her;

I called clothes “temporary tattoos” because they let me say whatever I wanted without words, then take those comments back. “No decision is irrevocable,” I would preach. I marveled in the opportunity to be anyone I wanted to be whenever I wanted to be her. -Leandra Medine

And today I want to say that I’m a woman who lives in St. Tropez with her husband and her twins. I bet women there don’t dress like me hahahaha.

The two last buttons were left unbuttoned to show a little bit of skin when I’m walking. This way, I feel like I’m walking on a red carpet all day every day.

By the way, I spent the whole elevator ride today to remember when I bought these shoes. Was it 2013? Or 2014? I still can’t remember! But I bought them when I was sooo into watching chriiissstttine on YouTube. She has/had a pair from Steve Madden I believe. So one birthday I treated myself with a pair of these and they’ve stayed with me ever since! Still very comfortable.

Outfit details:
– Zara dress
– Sacha shoes