Spring Outfit 5



This should have been outfit number 4 instead of 5 and number 4 should have been number 5 instead of 4. Does that first sentence confuse you? Hahahaha. So yea I wore this outfit earlier than the latest post but I forgot to post it on my blog. This photo was taken during my drone crash course in a park nearby. Deo lent me his drone for my work trip to Alicante so I can take photos and videos so he wanted to prep me to reduce the possibility of crashing his drone. Don’t worry, nothing crazy happened to the drone.

Still trying to break in the shoes. I miss having Converse all stars high tops. My previous pair was so battered that I had to leave them in Thailand during my trip last year. Some people swear by Vans but I’m more of a Converse girl. Although I was so close to purchasing a pair of Vans Old Skool but I held my ground. I went for CDG Play x Converse instead. I really need to update my purchased items list on this blog.

Outfit details:
– Uniqlo down jacket
– Maison Labiche sweatshirt
– GSTAR Raw jeans
– CDG Play x Converse sneakers