Spring Outfit 7


I apologize for the, lack of better word, ugly tiles. I really need to sort my living situation to accommodate mirror selfie without showing a stack of unfolded clean laundry. In the morning I went to work with my Zara coat but going back home the coat wasn’t necessary anymore. The temperature went as high as 18 degrees!

This pair of jeans is a byproduct of me being bored in Indonesia one day having nothing to do. So I frayed the hem to kill time. I used this video as a guide. The cardigan is also an oldie (but a goodie). It was purchased by the end of 2015. I needed a cardigan to wear at work when it’s chilly.

By the way, I just counted all my clothes (excluding socks, underwear, and shoes) and my tally is around 60. I feel like it’s more than enough to make enough outfit variations to not bore me for the foreseeable future. Maybe I should do a series of wardrobe inventory posts. It would be good to use this blog as my digital documentation.

Outfit details:
– Uniqlo blouse
– CK Jeans cardigan
– COS jeans
– Hermes belt
– Isabel Marant Etoile dicker boots