Style Rut

This is probably the 1000th time I try to downsize my wardrobe. I do indeed have less clothes than before. Which I finally find out, not enough. After the 1000th time, I finally figure out that I’m in a style rut. I have been dressing the same since I was 12. Which isn’t a bad thing per se.

I have been reusing the same formula over and over again. Shirt/t-shirt/sweater, skinny jeans, ankle boots/sneakers. The formula has been proven to be working well for me. I bike daily to work so wearing tight skirt is impractical. Also have you ever tried biking with stilettos??? Oh maybe I need to mention that my bike is a fixie bike so it adds about 20% of overall discomfort.

I’m guessing the core problem of why I feel discontent to what I have in my closet is the fact that I’m still holding onto pieces that are… dingy. I still have my very first long sleeve t-shirt from ZARA. And the surface of that t-shirt that has no pills is much smaller than the one that has. Also some striped t-shirts that are lackluster. But it’s very difficult for me to part with those items because I still do wear them on a daily basis. Despite not feeling 100 whenever I put them on. But they do play a big role on my everyday dressing.

So what I’m currently trying to do is to keep the clothes that don’t spark joy (omg, I’m sorry for using that phrase) in a suitcase and never open for about a month or two or three. If I can figure out enough outfits with what I currently hang in my rack then I’m going to ‘dispose’ the content of that suitcase (don’t worry, by dispose I don’t mean just throwing them into the garbage bin).

We shall see how this goes, right now my closet is quite bare but the pieces there are the ones that I’m very much in love with. Also I just noticed, how come do I have more jackets than blouses????