The New Garconne: The Trainers

The New Garconne: The Trainers

“And that’s the crux really; these shoes don’t limit you to certain outfits or activities, their anonymity makes them versatile and eminently adaptable. And, understated as they are, they also speak volumes. What do they say? That the wearer likes to get things done, with calm, purposeful efficiency.”

-Nawaz Batliawalla in The New Garconne: How to be a Modern Gentlewoman


Despite being an avid wearer of Adidas Stan Smith right now, if I were to choose for one pair of trainers, I would whole-heartedly go for a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. I have gone through more than 5 pairs of these in my life and I have learned from experience to never put my converse in the washing machine. The only worse thing than brand spanking new pair of converse is a faded one.

To me a pair of converse do not require a breaking in period. I can go high or low top and still feel like myself. My current pair has been with me for the past 5 years and they do look worse for wear. When I replace them, I plan on getting my first leather version just to see if they can last longer than their canvas counterpart.

Being in my trainers is how I find myself comfortable in. They are the kind of shoes that I have been wearing since I was a kid. My first pair of Converse was probably when I was in kindergarten. And yes, I do agree that trainers do say that the wearer likes to get things done. Living in a city where I have to bike/walk most of the time, I do favor the functionality of a pair of trainers rather than the beauty of a pair of pumps.