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Weekend Money Diaries: Free Pizza


12:30 PM: I had to go back to the store to make a return. I needed a top hat for my Carnival (like Halloween but 5 days long) costume but apparently there’s one at the office laying around that I can borrow. So I can get my €3.95 back.

1:10 PM: Transferred €10.00 to my colleague for paying my lunch. We tend to just pool cash together to pay for lunch but I never have cash. So my colleague had to front me my lunch money. I had a very delicious salmon & shrimp sandwich.

2:00 PM: My return for my online order has arrived. So now I have to pay for the item that I decided to keep. It’s a tank top from Petit Bateau that I also need for my costume. The item that I keep is €17.95. It’s a bit much if I were to only wear it once but it’s a generic item that I can keep in my closet and wear often. The material is also very thick and feels like a good quality item.

5:30 PM: Party time. My office always throw a party whenever it’s Carnival weekend. So I stayed until midnight, until other people started moving to a bar in the city center. Partying at the office is free of charge because all drinks & snacks are provided.

Total for the day: €24.00


9:30 AM: I woke up relatively early for weekend. I was up since 7:30 but stayed in bed for two more hours. Weekend is for cuddling in bed. But I let my husband went back to bed and I made my way to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

10:20 AM: Time for me to get something to eat. I cooked myself some instant noodle since I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store. I have a stash of emergency noodles for times like this haha.

1:00 PM: Another cup of coffee please, thank you.

2:40 PM: Deo ordered some food for us. He bought himself some chicken and he got me a grilled fish. So we both ate lunch together. We could have gone to the supermarket and cook. But he wanted to splurge on something nice. Don’t mind if I do hahahaha.

4:00 PM: Went to my friend’s place for her birthday get together as well as house warming. She said she’s gonna provide pizza. Yes!

6:30 PM: PIZZAAAAAAA and some chicken wings!

11:00 PM: Deo and I went home last from my friend’s house because we played Supers Smash Bros for HOURS. Even until all the other friends left lmao. It’s just more fun to play with more people.

Total for the day: €0


10:00 AM: Same like yesterday. Stayed in bed for a few hours scrolling on my phone. And sleep. And scroll. And finally coffee.

1:20 PM: My lunch was a leftover from yesterday. I still had the fish and some rice. Deo ordered bagels for himself. He also ordered one extra for me even though I said I didn’t want it. He ended up eating both lol (not one after each other though).

3:00 PM: My friend sent me a payment request for the birthday gift for yesterday. We chipped in each €25.00.

5:30 PM: We decided to go out to see Vice at the cinema. Deo and I both subscribe to a movie pass so we can watch any movie anytime for a monthly price. It’s a pretty good deal considering we both love to watch movies and our friends also subscribe to the same cinema so we can hang out more often with our friends.

7:30 PM: Pre movie snack/dinner time! I’ve been wanting to eat hot wings from KFC for months. Deo agreed to go to KFC with me even though he has sworn to not eat hot wings ever again haha. We’re still not 100% sure but he thought he got food poisoning once from their hot wings. Also even though he’s not a big fan of KFC he was kindly fronting me for dinner. Which made me pay €0 for my hot wings and fries.

8:50 PM: Movie time. Cya~

11:30 PM: Lol I fell asleep during the movie. The story was great however I wasn’t a big fan of the directing style. So I got bored halfway. I woke myself up with my snore lmao. I think I’m going to watch this movie again when I’m not as sleepy as I was.

Total of the day: €25.00

Total breakdown:
Food: €10.00
Shopping: €17.95
Gift: €25.00
Return: +€3.95

Grand total: €49.00

How do I feel about my spending this weekend? I feel pretty good actually! Although I did spend money for shopping but it was for an event that I find joy in participating. And my biggest spend of all was for a gift for one of my close friends. All in all it wasn’t a bad spend weekend.