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What I Bought in October 2019

Swedish Stockings – Olivia in Nearly Black

I only bought one thing in October. A very impulse purchase of a pair of Swedish Stockings. I really wanted to try one and when I saw that they’re on sale, it took me 5 seconds to complete my purchase.

Only when the pair arrived I realized that I bought them in color ‘Nearly Black’ instead of ‘Black’. Which based on the picture above, would only be a hair difference to the color black but they’re grey in reality. So far I’ve only worn them once. The quality is good enough, I might one day purchase a black pair if all my old stockings are ripped. Also I realized now that they’re available from Zalando. There’s no need to pay for shipping anymore in the future.

Now that I’m working at a new company, I have quite a few of items I’d like to purchase to ‘fix’ my wardrobe. I’m still not tinkering with the amount and the variety of items. But I do know, a cardigan is a must. I’m looking to purchase one in cashmere since I’m perpetually cold. Do you have any suggestion for a good quality cashmere? I’m quite tired of Uniqlo. I want one that really can last.