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What’s in my bag

Back with the OG YouTube tag on the blog. This was popular circa 2010? 2011? I remember when I just moved to The Netherlands, my YouTube recs are flooded with this kind of videos. So I’m bringing it back in 2019 here if you’re curious what I’m toting on the daily.

For the bag itself, I’m rotating between my Celine Trio, Celine Micro Luggage, and APC Half Moon. But as for now, Celine Trio is being used for this post.

As the name suggests, the bag consists of three different pouches. And I have a soft rule on which items goes where so that I can easily access my belongings without having to open every single zippers.

First pouch usually holds my card holder and phone. I have thought about moving it into a pouch that’s closer to my person for security, but don’t want to complicate myself in terms of having to remember that I switched. So they stayed there for now. Easy access for the two things that I reached the most.

Second pouch holds my keys, my airpods, and my lip products. Since they’re not flat, I don’t want to store them on the pouch where you can visibly see their dents. Sometimes I shove receipts in there too during the day when I’m out and about.

Lastly, my sunglasses with their case zipped away in the third pouch. Due to the size, I don’t think I can fit anything else than this.

And voila! That’s all. I don’t cary too many things usually when I go out. If I do need to carry water bottle or umbrella I usually have an extra canvas bag instead of shoving everything in my leather bag. I like to keep my nice bags nice for a long time. Although I’m not one to ‘baby’ my pretty bags.

So what about you? Do you carry lots and lots on the daily or are you more of a minimalist?