Workwear: H&M Blouse

hmprod A month ago, I ordered from Zalando Lounge a heavily discounted silk blouse from Equipment. It hasn’t arrived yet (they have a different business model, you basically get your items heavily discounted but a month or two later). I was very excited to own an Equipment blouse. But after reading reviews about silk blouses, I feel like I don’t have the diligence to hand wash or to take care of that beautiful and expensive blouse. So my plan is to return the blouse and find a similar one from H&M to replace it as my go-to work blouse.

One day after work, I paid a visit to H&M (I work in the city center so it’s basically 2 steps away) and went home with a new blouse. Mine is not in the color that is shown there (I bought navy), H&M online doesn’t have it in navy somehow. But I’m pretty sure the fabric and the cut is the exact same as the one that I bought. My favorite thing about the blouse is it doesn’t crease! Ironing is probably my least favorite chore so having a nice looking blouse that doesn’t require much ironing is probably as exciting as hitting jackpot.


hmprod My favorite look is to have it paired with a pair of skinny jeans. I find that the blouse is neat enough that a pair of jeans can bring it down a notch towards looking more casual. And adding a pair of single sole pointed toe patent leather pumps will tie the look together. I would like to throw on a black blazer too over it but unfortunately I’m still on a hunt of a nice black blazer. I also prefer the look of the blouse tucked in. Although the model’s outfit looks really good too.